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Devanee Singing With “The Brigadoons” — ‘Highland Games’, Loon, 2015.

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.by Anura Guruge

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Sunday, September 20, 2015, 3:30 pm performance at the Governor’s Lodge.

This was not my doing though I was chuffed to bits. Denis Carr (in the black shirt) and Paddy Kelly (in the blue shirt) made this happen and we thank them (again) along with Ashley MacLeod, Danny Leroux (playing bass at the end in a black shirt) and Reg Portieous (in green) who were also extremely supportive. Thank YOU “The Brigadoons“.

Though she has been singing chorale for ‘Clearlakes Chorale’ for four years and Broadway chorus for the ‘Greatwaters Festive Chorus’ for two, this was Devanee’s (15 next month) first time in front of a mike and ‘up front’. Paddy and Denis, of course, helped her quite a bit — and you can see pictures below of Paddy patiently taking her through her ‘steps’ prior to the concert. In reality they started coaxing and coaching her on Friday night. Yes, we met with them socially, for the first time, that night. That is when the conversation turned to her doing a song with them.

That she sang with them is wholly appropriate. She has known “The Brigadoons” since September 2003, when she was two. That was her first ‘Games’ and she sat with me, in the front row of the ‘Performance Tent’, in her diapers — and she danced. After the show I took her over and introduced her to Jackie Smith. We might have seen ‘The Doons’ multiple times that weekend. In those days, prior to school, we used to go for the whole 3 days. So she has seen them for 11 years — we having missed two games in that time. She knows that “The Brigadoons” are my favorite, by far, performance at the Games and is willing to follow suit — just as she has done with my preference for British sports cars. She knows which way her bread should be buttered.

Over the last few years I have got to know Denis and Paddy outside of the Games. That has been an honor and privilege. That is how Friday evening came to be and Devanee singing with them followed, though that was never ‘on the agenda’ to begin with. We are all so glad and thankful. It was Paddy and Denis who worked out that the ‘River is wide’ would be a good song for her to join in. She listened to it on YouTube on Saturday. So that is the story. “The Brigadoons” will now be even more special to her and that makes me happy.

P.S. As you will hear on the YouTube video Devanee got a lot of support from the crowd in the pub that overlooks the stage at the Governor’s Lodge. That was cool.

Click to watch 4:13 minute YouTube video
of the entire performance (shot by Mum on her Olympus).


Click to ENLARGE.

Copyright will be enforced vigorously.

I took 989 pictures on Sunday at the ‘Games’ and I think this is my favorite. Love the expression on Denis’ face. Such a nice person. Salt of the Earth. We are so lucky.

Personal coaching, a few minutes ahead of concert start, by maestro (and good friend) Paddy Kelly.

A sister, Teischan (9), incredulous!

A photomontage of Devanee getting ready to sing (with Paddy Kelly’s help) and her actual performance.
51 photos made into a video and set to an instrumental of the ‘River is wide’.

You should definitely watch.


Thank YOU AGAIN “The Brigadoons”.
We will remember this forever.


All the still pictures taken with my new Sony a77 Mk II.

‘The Brigadoons’ NEW 2015 “Kitchen Ceilidh” CD Set Is Now On Sale — Rejoice!

The Brigadoons

2014 Highland Games, Loon, N.H.

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by Anura Guruge

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CD 1

CD 2

Common in Both CDs.
Click to ENLARGE and READ.

What the CDs look like

This is brilliant. I have the two CDs here with me as I write and I am listening to CD2 right now. They arrived in the mail today (Saturday) from Canada. Denis Carr had kindly sent them to me for ‘review’.

In my opinion, and I could be wrong, there can be no greater compliment than you can pay a group — about one of their CDs — than to say that you can truly see them in your mind’s eye performing the music as you listen to the CD. And that is very much the case here. I can SEE Denis Carr singing these songs. It is JUST LIKE being at a “Briagdoons” concert — say at the ‘Highland Games‘ at Loon. I guess, over the last 16 years I must have seen “The Briagdoons” perform, all at Loon, maybe 20 to 25 times — maybe a few more. Yes, there were years when I went for the whole weekend and would see “The Brigadoons” MULTIPLE times a day. To me, the ‘Highland Games’ at Loon is first and foremost “The Brigadoons” and then everybody else! I am NOT kidding. The kids know it and the wife is picking up on it. When we go the ‘Games’ there is one and one thing that I have to see and I am not content till I have seen ‘it’ — and that is “The Brigadoons”. It gets highlighted on our master schedule. Everything else has to fit around that. Yes, if you haven’t sussed it out by now, I am a huge fan and the family think they are GREAT too.

So, if I tell you that I can see them and feel them — and it is just like being at a “Brigadoon” concert — when I am listening to these CDs, please believe me. Other than being a huge fan I have no reason to deceive you on this. That is not my style. If the CDs didn’t come up to snuff I would have made a snide but telling comment. Not so. Love them. THANK YOU, GUYS! Much appreciated.

OK. Yes, full disclosure. Denis Carr asked me early on in the year as to whether there were any songs I would like on the CDs — because he kind of knows that I think they are the cat’s whiskers. I asked for the “Rose of Allendale” and “Burning of St. Raphael’s” (though I will MISS Jackie Smith on that). They both made it. Am I chuffed? Denis singing “Rose of Allendale” always gives me goose bumps. And listening to it on the CD gave me goose bumps. They did a grand job. I am so HAPPY.

Please do yourself a huge favor and get these 2 CDs. You will thank me for telling you to do that. It has this on the CDs. E-mail Denis Carr to order the CDs. His e-mail, as it appears on the CD covers, and this e-mail does work (since that is what I use to contact Denis) is: dcarr11@cogeco.ca.


They also now have an ACTIVE Facebook. See below.

So, you should be all set. This has been quite the musical weekend for me. Friday night, “Hot Club of Cowtown“. Then today, Saturday, I was at Alton Bay for 2 hours listening to the “Barbershop Jamboree“. Then I get home and I get to listen to these two CDs.