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Google Doodle For Jamaican/Scottish Nurse Mary Seacole — October 14, 2016.

by Anura Guruge


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by Anura Guruge

TDS Internet & Phone Outage, Alton, New Hampshire, August 25 – 26, 2015 — Down For 12 Hours!


As I pointed out v. early this morning I noticed the TDS outage just after 10 pm when I went to watch my daily dose of cricket via my Roku 3. I had hoped it would be a short outage. I was wrong. At 11 pm I had to start my ‘3rd shift’ of working — though my latest book was all done. I have 75Mbps MetroCast for my work. So that was good — BUT then an hour later it went down too! For 40 minutes I had BOTH TDS and MetroCast down. I am sure there was a connection. It might have been in the common backbone — possibly outside of NH.

The TDS outage, which also affected my TDS landline, continued well past 1pm. I had a very unsatisfactory interaction with TDS’ Jamaican Call Center just prior to that. The only good news from that was that I got a ‘Trouble Ticket Number’.

TDS was still down at 8:10 am this morning. I called TDS again. Having a Trouble Ticket Number expedited matters. They FINALLY told me that the problem had to do with ‘my area’ and that technicians had been sent to fix it.

At 10 am we got a call saying it BUT I already knew that. SMILE.

So just an update.

Volkswagen’s Super Bowl XLVII ‘Jamaican’ Ad. Is Racist! What I Expect From German Car Makers.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access 'The Washington Times' article and video. Video also available on YouTube.

Click to access ‘The Washington Times’ article and video. Video also available on YouTube.

Yes, I know. So many don’t even know about the Berlin 1936 Olympics and the snubbing of U.S. hero Jesse Owens.

I vowed never to buy a German car in 1982 after my first visit to Liverpool, England. You could still see empty blocks from the German bombing 40 years earlier. I have been steadfast. I have never bought one and will openly criticize those that do. Right now there are plenty of U.S., Korean or British alternatives. The new Buicks, Fords, Chryslers and Lincolns look much more compelling to me than a bloody German car. If you want high-end, go Cadillac or Jag. Buy Italian. They were always harmless. They never bombed anyone other than themselves.

This ad. just confirms what I have always known. And I won’t even talk about the time when a bloody German tourist, just jumped into my moored boat at Meredith harbor to get a picture. I treated him to a verbal diatribe, without once using a swear word, that had all those standing on the dock shocked. He ran.

This ad is offensive. Jamaicans rock. Usain Bolt is Jamican. Bob Marley is Jamaican. Michael Holding is Jamican. This ad is pure German.

Do you know that story: ‘No, no maan. My tattoo doesn’t say “Wendy”. You crazy, maan? Mine says: “Welcome to Jamaica and have a nice day”‘.

You do know that story, right? The man from Chicago that has his new wife’s name, ‘Wendy‘, tattooed onto his pecker before going on their honeymoon to Jamaican clothing optional resort and meeting a Jamaican who also had ‘Wy‘ showing on his flaccid pecker. Well, that is the keyword when it comes to German cars: flaccid. [P.S., My father, or more to the point his wife owns a Mercedes, and I tell my father off about that. But, my father isn’t British and he, having grown up under British rule of Ceylon, isn’t (to my amusement), that fond of the British — though my mother, an anglophile, insisted that I had a full British upbringing, cocooned in British books and culture.]