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Pope Francis’ Climate Encyclical Is Trying To Second Guess God & Ignores The Second Coming!

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by Anura Guruge

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Two articles, one from Reuters and the other from Politico superimposed. See links below.

Click here to access the Reuters pope encyclical article.

Click here for the Bush article from Politico.


Click here to ENLARGE IF you are totally at sea as to the Second Coming (and PLEASE no jokes — this is v. serious).

popesecondsMy take on Pope Francis pontificating to us about Climate Change, as ever, is very simple and straightforward.

Is Pope Francis 100% sure that God is NOT aware of what is happening and that it is NOT within the parameters of HIS Master Plan?

Because lets NOT, please, forget the SECOND COMING.

Isn’t Global Warming going to be a bit irrelevant when the Second Coming comes?

 What does it matter about polar caps melting, oceans rising and major droughts? Isn’t that a VIABLE scenario for the End of Times?

Jeb Bush did not go far enough. This pope has got this very, very wrong.

He is trying to PLAY God and he is not God — thank God.

PLEASE, don’t let this misguided pope stand in the way of God’s will.