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Cardinals Filoni & Ouellet Are Now The Leading Contenders To Be The Next Pope, i.e., Papabile.

by Anura Guruge

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Do NOT forget that I got the ‘Next Pope’ RIGHT in 2013.

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Timing is everything, because age is of paramount concern, as to who will be the Next Pope post Francis. So, it all depends on when the next Conclave is likely to occur. Pope Francis is 81 and appears to be in reasonable health. But, he has hinted, more than once, that he too, like Benedict XVI before him, might retire — when the time is right. The question is such a retirement on the cards over the next 24 – 36 months?

Two CONFLICTING ‘data points’ on this. Following his cardinal-creating consistory last week he had 125 cardinal electors. Per current law only 120 cardinal electors can participate in a conclave. Bar deaths of electors, this 125 number will not drop to 120 till July 2019. That would mean that the pope does not plan to retire prior to July 2019 — though he can increase that 120 limit in a matter of seconds (even during/after his resignation speech). But, then, he also created the four new IRREGULAR Cardinal Bishops. The ONLY need for this was the possibility of an imminent conclave. So, that is confusing — and I did address that in this post.

OK? So, I refuse to look much more than 3-years ahead.

So, now let me explain the AGE criteria. As of hurried election of John Paul II (following the unexpected death of 33-day pope, John Paul I) when he was 58-years of age, the cardinals, understandably, have opted for older popes. Bluntly put, in the absence of any term limits (and any requirement for a pope to retire), the cardinals do not want another pope who will reign for for 20 – 30 years (despite the success of John Paul II’s pontificate). So, the last two popes have been 76 and 78 years of age. I had said that age would be a factor the last time around — and I was right. I now content, emphatically, that age again will be a primary factor. It is unlikely that the next pope will be much younger than 75.

Other Given Caveats Per My Recokening (and these are NOT negotiable). {Smile}

The Next Pope per Anura Guruge will be:

  • White.
  • A non-American (as in say Seán Patrick O’Malley).
  • A non-Jesuit.
  • A proven institutionalist, i.e., one who has a firm track record of upholding Vatican (rather than Catholic per se) values and protocols.

‘European’, or at least, as in the case of Marc Ouellet one who has spent much of their priestly life in Rome working for the Curia.

Marc Ouellet, despite being considerably younger, was my #1 papabile last time around. And I acknowledged that age was an issue.

Over the next 3-years his age would be GOLDEN.

Marc, simply put, is BELOVED and respected to a level that is uncanny. That he is Canadian will not be a factor. Canada is a ‘neutral’ (unthreatening) country and moreover Marc has spent so much time in Rome that he is a honorary Italian.

So, why do I have him as #2 rather than my first pick again.

He, alas, is RELIGIOUS, though, thankfully, not a Jesuit (Francis, the first). Cardinals tend to shy away from Religious Order candidates and Francis, with his supplication to the Jesuits, did not help matters. I will go as far as saying that the ONLY religious that is papabil is Marc!

Some of you will correctly contend that their unprecedented promotion to (irregular) Cardinal Bishops make them very much Francis’ stooges and that will cause them to be blackballed because Francis is not that popular among the College. NOT so in the case of these two. They were both created cardinals ahead of Francis — and have been untainted by Francis.

But, right now Filoni is a tad too young. His star will truly be in the ascend around 2021 when he is 75.

Enough for now. Digest what I have said.

Thank you.

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by Anura Guruge

Ireland’s 62% FOR Gay Marriage Referendum — What Will Pope Francis Say?

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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This 62% landslide in Catholic-Ireland is an embarrassment and blow to the Pope and the Church.

You have to ask: “What was God thinking?”

Yes, yes, I know all that stuff about Free Will and that God does not micromanage. But when you are talking about an entire Catholic nation it is hardly micromanagement. It is a MACRO event that affects the whole Church. The way I read this — God was in favor.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin’s statement, shown above, makes it very clear that Pope Francis, despite his infamous ‘who am I to judge‘ statement, is vehemently against gay marriage. Francis, contrary to what he pronounces, is a very-correct conservative, orthodox Jesuit at heart. He may claim not to judge but he is 100% behind the teachings of the Church that homosexuality is a sin! That is the dilemma of — and with — this pope. What he says in public is NOT what he actually believes in. It is a strange kind of papal lip service.

This Irish referendum will be a challenge. He will have to comment on it — this coming week. Lets wait to see what he has to say. God’s Will etc.

Very Good Pope, Bl. John XXIII (#262): 50 Year Anniversary Of His Death. Now That Was ‘A Pope’.



 ..by Anura Guruge

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Click to access a nice video and write up from my friend at 'Rome Reports'.

Click to access a nice video and write up from my friend at ‘Rome Reports’.

The current pope, Francis (#267), does bear some personality resemblances but in some ways they are also poles apart, a very pivotal Pole having much to do with this (unfortunate) division. Yes, they both come across as very genuine, caring, people-oriented men, though John XXIII was inescapably more avuncular (and jollier) than the Jesuit. I am very fussy about my uncles and I was blessed to have six amazing uncles (all from my mother’s side) — and one I really never got to know because he died when I was young. Of all the popes, John XXIII is the ONLY one that I would not have minded as an uncle — and that I am not Catholic is immaterial, because one of my uncles, my surrogate father, was white, and a Baptist.

Though John was a traditionalists in his own way, he was not dogmatic about it and was more than willing to be pragmatic. Hence his bold, shock-wave inducing call for Vatican II in an effort to ‘modernize’ the Church and make it more people-friendly. Vatican II is what gave Catholics the vernacular Mass — something that the ‘Tea Party’ equivalent of the Church rails against even today; believing that the Latin Mass, that even most priest don’t understand, as being what God wanted.

John is basically the Clinton or Obama of popes. The conservatives, though they have to begrudgingly confess that the man was selfless at his core, still hate what they reckon is the damage that he did to the Church. There is a whole movement that claim that he is an antipope and that all that came after him are illegitimate. Can you see the parallels with Obama? 

His life-story is an inspiration. I can’t be 100% sure but I know that reading about him was one of the reasons that made me into a papal historian. Much of the stuff that the current Jesuit is trying to do, like visiting prisons in Rome, are things that were pioneered by John.

Google, it appears, does not do Pope Doodles. That is a shame. John deserves a Doodle.

If you don’t know much about Bl. John XXIII take a few minutes today and read about him. Here is the Wikipedia link.

Just a smattering of my favorite John XIII quotes. Enjoy.

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams.
Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential.
Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in,
but with what it is still possible for you to do.”

“See everything, overlook a great deal, correct a little.”

“Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar,
but the best improve with age.”

 “You may say to His Eminence Cardinal Tisserant that, as the pope requires his shoes,
he has given you permission to leave the conclave.”

In the first days of his pontificate, John XXIII received a letter from a twelve-year-old boy named Bruno.
It read: “My dear Pope: I am undecided. I want to be a policeman or a Pope.
What do you think?”
The Pope replied: “My little Bruno. If you want my opinion, learn how to be a policeman, because that cannot be improvised.
Anybody can be pope; the proof of this is that I have become one.
If you ever should be in Rome, come to see me. I would be glad to talk all this over with you.
[[Recounted in The Wit and Wisdom of Good Pope John]]

For more delightful quotes try this.