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Tonight, Nov. 22, Is The Final Episode Of PBS Masterpiece “Indian Summers”.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access PBS sneak preview video. Very high quality.

Just a heads up. Tonight, November 22, 2015, Episode 9 is the finale for Season 1 of ‘Indian Summers‘. Not sure whether a Season 2 is planned or funded.

Can’t say I will miss it much. Yes, we watched all 8 episodes so far, within 48 hours of them airing. It was OK. The chemistry was never right.

We all much preferred ‘Home Fires‘ which ended two Sundays ago. That we would like back.

Not sure what happened to ‘Indian Summers‘. You could detect the elements of ‘Passage to India‘ (e.g., court scene) and ‘Jewel in the Crown‘ (e.g., interracial love interests, Independence etc.) But the characterization was poor and I finally worked it out. The dialog was insipid.

So there will be no new Masterpiece shows on PBS in December 2015. It will be reruns. Then in January or February 2016 we kick of with the FINAL SEASON, season 6, of ‘Downton Abbey