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Is CNBC Overtly Racist? Treatment Of Carl Quintanilla.

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by Anura Guruge

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CNBC’s morning lineup.

Notice … very white, mainly male.

cnbcsqk3333 cnbcsqk11q11a

cnbcsqk22222Yes, I ‘listen’ to CNBC (for about 70 minutes) each and every morning, without fail, and have done so for many a year.

I like to know what is happening, or going to happen, in the market — viz. stock futures, news, employment numbers, economic data — and CNBC is an ‘easy’ way to get that, though I also check ‘MarketWatch.com‘ on my pad while I ‘listen’ to CNBC. I stress ‘listen’ because I don’t really watch the TV screen. I can process the audio while I read other stuff on my pad, mainly the U.K. ‘Daily Mail‘, from cover to cover.

Yes, there are aspects of CNBC that I detest. Joe Kernen is an outright bigot and I used to like Rick Santelli before he became Mr. Tea Party.

But it has occurred to me of late that CNBC revels in being blatantly racist.

OK, you can see the lineup. The ONLY non-caucasian is Carl Quintanilla and I have noticed that they treat him very POORLY. I will get to that. Yes, they have one black guy who is invited to talk about tech — BUT notice he is NOT featured in the lineup. And then they have the EXCELLENT, Latino Michelle Caruso-Cabrera from New Hampshire.

They have very few black guests or guest hosts. Go check. They have a few Asians BUT I can’t recall them having an Asian guest hosts.

But, I come back to Carl Quintanilla and to a lesser extent David Faber (who has been with CNBC from the very start).

Carl Quintanilla is very smart, erudite, personable and competent. Ditto David Faber. The two of them are definitely smarter than Jim Cramer and Cramer knows that. But on ‘Squawk on the Street’ Carl Quintanilla is used as a FLUFFER, his role being that of throwing gentle puff-ball questions that Cramer tries to hit out of the park. Carl & David Faber get about 20% of the airtime, Cramer the rest. Not right. It should be the other way around. David and Carl are exceptionally bright, informed and cerebral. They can tell us much more relevant stuff than rambling Cramer.

How they treat Carl Quintanilla is NOT right. Carl deserves better.