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Did WMUR (Again) Intentionally Mislead Folks About 4th Of July 2015 Weather Forecast In New Hampshire?

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by Anura Guruge

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All week, leading up to the 2015 4th of July (long) weekend, the WMUR weather forecasters were tripping over themselves to proclaim who perfect it was going to be — hot with lots of sunshine BOTH Saturday (the 4th) and Sunday. Even at 9am Saturday morning they were claiming that it would be a perfect day — while I am looking out of the window seeing lots of clouds.

Well, at least in most parts of New Hampshire, we had a fair amount of clouds, rain (albeit it light) and COLD temperatures for most of Saturday afternoon. Yes, the rain, fortunately, ceased before most of the town firework shows BUT most people had to contend with a not very nice 4th of July afternoon.


Click to hear Judge’s apology, Sunday, July 5, 2015 IF you do NOT believe me.

This morning, on Sunday, Josh Judge, WMUR’s megastar weather forecaster, APOLOGIZED for getting the forecast SO, SO WRONG. Check it out here >>>>

Well, to be honest, I do NOT buy it. WMUR has done it before and I have mixed feelings about it.

As a Lifetime Granite State Ambassador (GSA) I have a vested interested in promoting tourism in New Hampshire. Yes, we need EVERY cent we can get from those from other States.

So I fully understand the motivation to mislead tourists about the weather on KEY holidays. I just worry that in time THEY will cotton on!

I have been watching this for years — with WMUR. To me it has become kind of a joke.

WMUR consistently, across all 4 SEASONS, will dupe folks into believing that we will have good weather during important holidays — whether it be the 4th, Labor Day, Columbus Day, New Year’s (for skiing) etc.

So I am just giving you a heads up. Just be leary about WMUR weather forecasts when it come to HOLIDAYS.