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Alton (N.H.) Property Tax Rate Up By 8.8%!

by Anura Guruge

I got the Town of Alton (New Hampshire) property tax bill for December 2018 and it seemed high. Much more than I was expecting. So, I checked it against the prior bills.


A 8.8% increase with no change to the assessed property values. No wonder the bill seemed high. It is HIGH. The school again. Funny thing is I can’t recall reading or hearing about a major increase to the tax rate.

I realize that most people don’t see the increase per se. Their property tax payment is included with their mortgage payment. But, they will see it at some point and it will be a shock.

Well, I have given you a heads up.

We have had higher tax rates, BUT valuations were lower. It is the COMBINATION of the two that adds up and counts.

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by Anura Guruge

National Geographic: New Design As Of May 2018 & NO Plastic As Of June 2018.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

May 2018 in the middle. June 2018 on the right. April to the right.

Click to ENLARGE. The most obvious changes are on the spine. Here are April, May & June 2018.

I have been reading the ‘National Geographic‘ for about 62-years. I started, very young, in Ceylon, in the mid-1950s, given that my father used to have it shipped to him, from the USA, along with the “Reader’s Digest“. He had stacks and stacks of them on the floor of his extensive library. He and I both would help ourselves to one on the way to the bathroom. That, I confess, is where I still read both magazine. And I too still have active subscriptions to both those magazines along with the new ‘History’ magazine from ‘National Geographic’.

As of the May 2018 we now have a new design. The most striking difference is in the spine as shown above. They no longer have the name ‘National Geographic’. Instead there is the iconic ‘rectangle’. They have also gone an all numeric month notation; e.g., 05.2018 & 06.2018.

The inside is supposed to be more modern. It looks OK. Maybe a tad too fussy for my old eyes. But, it is readable enough.

The June issue came in a recyclable paper wrapper. No more plastic! That was good. That whole issue focused on the plastic problem.

They haven’t snuck in any topless pictures in the last two issues. I will, as ever, keep an eye and share with you. Promise.

March 2018 issue.

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by Anura Guruge