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West Indies Grovel, Pathetically, As Australia Shows Them That They Are THE Masters!

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by Anura Guruge


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My letter to the U.K. “The Times” asking for the West Indies to be eliminated from International cricket. Click to ENLARGE and read.

I have said IT before, let me say it again.

The West Indies should NO LONGER be allowed to play INTERNATIONAL Cricket.

The pathetic, apathetic, groveling performance in Hobart, against Australia, in the 1st Test, PROVED, conclusively, what I have maintained.

Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Bangladesh, England, Zimbabwe, India, Pakistan & South Africa are NATIONS, proud ones at that, and those that play for those NATIONAL SIDES do so with PATRIOTISM & PRIDE.

There is NO NATION called the West Indies.

They are but a meaningless franchise and it shows.

There is NO PRIDE, no patriotism, NOTHING.

It is a bloody disgrace.

In 1976 the proud West Indians of that era smouldered when Tony Greig said he would make them grovel.

This bunch of pathetic pussies grovel without even been asked to.



From ESPN ‘cricinfo.com’. Click image for original.

Yes, Kraigg Brathwaite, who I have applauded in the past, did OK. But his 63.51% does NOT compare to Gordon Greenidge‘s (who my son is named after) efforts. For a start, Gordon, my hero, scored a century. Brathwaite, as if to PUNCTUATE what is wrong with the West Indies, fell short. In 1976 the West Indies WON by 425 runs. After Brathwaite the West Indies LOST by an INNINGS and 212 runs. Does not compare.


From ESPN ‘cricinfo.com’. Click image for original.

It Was Good To See The West Indies Win A Test Match; i.e., 3rd Test Against England in Barbados.

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by Anura Guruge

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This, wrapped-up in 3 days, Test Match was never short of excitement.
It had the feel of an ODI and lets face it,
two of the innings were short of 50 overs.

[The entire Test was 250.2 overs.]

It, to an West Indies supporter of 40 years, was good to see that they
finally mustered enough resolve and technique to score 192 runs in the 4th innings.
When they were 80-4, with poor Shiv Chanderpaul gone for an uncharacteristic duck,
I was yet again resigned to see the Windies collapse and crumble.
I wasn’t convinced that they were going to win until they were within 4 runs with
6 wickets in hand — and even then they managed to lose Bravo.

 I have become a Jermaine Blackwood believer.
He impressed me NO END.
I would liked to have seen him go to another century in the 1st innings …
and get his well deserved 50 in the second.
I just read that Viv rates him. If Viv thinks he is an unpolished diamond,
that is good enough for me.


23 year old Mr. Jermaine Blackwood. Quintessential West Indies batting personified. Click to ENLARGE.


Click to ENLARGE and read here. From ESPN cricinfo.com. http://www.espncricinfo.com/west-indies-v-england-2015/content/player/431909.html

My heart bleeds for Shiv. What a nightmare of a series for him.
I hate to have to say this but I think it is time for him to bid adieu —
and we will all applaud him for his yeoman service to the Windies.
What a man, what a cricketers. But, at 40, time, at last, has caught up with Shiv.

Felt bad, very bad for Shai Hope. He needs a bit more experience.
I have hopes, maybe not great, for Kraigg Brathwaite. He has shown class.
Jason Holder will prevail. He could have batted better in this Test.
He, however, bowled superbly.
I think I saw Gary, in a snazzy suit, as usual, watching the Test.
He must be able to relate to Holder and Blackwood.


I enjoyed the Test. 18 wickets in the 2nd day. It was heady stuff.

Shame the series is already over.

Just saw on Willow that the Australians are playing 2 Tests against the West Indies in June.
That is GREAT — but why just 2 Tests? That is not enough.
I guess the Islands can’t generate the crowds or the money. Shame.
But then again, I am still going to agitate that the whole concept of ‘The West Indies’
needs to be reexamined and reevaluated. International cricket should ONLY be
between bona fide sovereign nations.