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I Wrote To The Queen About The Kraut Wagon At The Royal Wedding.

by Anura Guruge

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I was NOT joking when I said that I was upset at the Princes arriving in Windsor in a German wagon.

So, I wrote to the Queen!

That is what she is there for and I did NOT become a monarchist if I did NOT believe I could call upon my Royals when I perceive that a wrong has been done.

I am actually sure that this letter will get some attention. It might never make it to the Queen but somebody at Buckingham Palace will take note. I sent it ‘certified’ etc.

I was NOT going to let it pass.

This is important stuff and I KNOW that I will find an ear in the Palace.

I know one thing for sure. Nobody seeing the letter will accuse me of disrespect or not been a patriot. The letter is clear that this is a matter of patriotism.

I have faith in this Queen. It took me a long time to get there and there.

I will, of course, keep you posted.

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by Anura Guruge

I Can’t Afford A New (Or Even Nearly New) Jaguar — So I Bought Shares In Tata Motors.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access the Tata Web site.


Click to ENLARGE. The cars and trucks — not including the Jaguars and Land Rovers — made by Tata.


TTM page from ‘MarketWatch’. Click to ENLARGE and view here. Use this link to access MarketWatck: http://www.marketwatch.com

Indian Tata Motors have owned the Jaguar Land Rover brand since 2008.

So, given that I can’t afford a new Jaguar I decided that I would do the next best thing — buy a few shares in Tata Motors, the 17th largest ‘car’ company in the world with revenues of US $42 billion.

Having spent a lot of time in India I am no stranger to Tata. Plus the name, an offshoot from a former acronym, is one very familiar to Sinhalese, like I, from Sri Lanka. ‘Tata’, or ‘Tatta’, means father — not that dissimilar to the yiddish word.

So this is the same logic I used with Sony. I can’t afford the Sony A7 RII or the Sony RX10 II (which I really would like to own) — so I bought a few SNE shares, i.e., Sony stock in the U.S.

TTM is the U.S. ‘version’ (i.e., ADS — American Depository Stock) of the Tata shares. It, at around $30 – $32, is not that expensive — say to Apple, Amazon or NetFlix. It has taken a hit of late but that is true of most stock.

So, I now have some affinity with Jaguar — shareholder PLUS two old Jags.

That Jaguar brand is owned by an Indian company only bothers me some. India to me is still the British Raj. The largest country in our glorious British Commonwealth. So there is still British in it. It isn’t like if it was owned by a Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Kraut company. So I am OK with the Indian ownership SINCE the Jaguar Land Rover COMPANY is still in Britian.