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Stock Symbols Of Interest From This Morning’s CNBC Ticker.


No rhyme or reason. Just a few RANDOM stock symbols that caught my eye — either because of their gains for the day, their attractive stock price or JUST because the name looked interesting. Basically names that were unfamiliar to me. I plan to check them when I have time. 

As I often say I ‘listen’ (much more than watch) CNBC first thing in the morning from 8:20 to 9 am. Then I watch it, sporadically, while I am brushing my teeth etc. — before and after my run. I jot down symbols that catch my eye.

Occurred to me that I should just SHARE them with you. 99% I don’t have the money to do anything about such stock. Just study them and wish I had the money to trade. But some of you may benefit and that is good.