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Another ‘Amusing’ Typo By ‘The Laconia Daily Sun’ Distorts The Important Substance Of A Letter.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Some prior examples:
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Click to access July 3, 2013, 'The Laconia Daily Sun'. This letter is on page 6.

Click to access July 3, 2013, ‘The Laconia Daily Sun’. This letter is on page 6.

I am not sure who writes them but we know that ‘The Sun‘ insists on doing their own titles for each letter.

Really no need for typos like this unless of course they are doing it on purpose to ‘dish’ a letter.

Yes, it is one thing for Ed Engler to write that I graduated from the ‘University of Whales‘ but it is a whole
different kettle of fish to make fun of contributors and members of the community.

This doctor must have felt dreadful. With one word they just destroy her well written letter.

I have not seen a correction or an apology. That is not their style.

Possibly a coincidence but I can’t help but notice that women tend to suffer more than males when it comes to ‘The Sun‘ typos.
See examples above.