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Lactogen Baby: Where YOU One … IF So Please Join.

lactogencan Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Where YOU a Lactogen Baby?

I was. This is I. Aged 1. In 1954. In Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

I am trying to FIND others — from around the world.

Yes, I was a ‘Lactogen Baby’, in Ceylon, from 1954 to 1962.

But, I was NOT the only one. There was a Lalith Oswald Perera.

I Googled that name. There is a (rather (in)famous) Lalith Perera BUT I don’t think he was ‘Oswald’.

There was girl. I knew her from elocution classes or something like that. She lived fairly close to us in Nugegoda. Her last name, I am sure, was ‘Fernando‘. Her father was a coroner. That I remember vividly. He might have been the chief coroner for Colombo. When you are 8 years old coroners are intriguing figures. I had been to her house a few times. I remember exploring the house with her, even crawling underneath her parent’s bed, looking for what secrets a coroner might have at home! Kids! She is unlikely to be a ‘Fernando’ now. That would have been her maiden name. She is going to be as old as I.

It does NOT matter IF you were NOT a ‘Lactogen Baby’. IF you grew up on Lactogen YOU still qualify as a Lactogen Baby.

I am going to set up a page on Facebook so that we could, with luck, have a Lactogen Baby community.


Here is my story:

‘Lactogen Baby’, 1954 to 1962, Ceylon, ads, with this picture, with the heading ‘Baby Guruge’, appeared in 12 newspapers, in 3 languages, every day. SEE BELOW. ‘Lactogen’ was a Swiss baby formula company. My ‘father’, the clever one in the family, declined any monies from them! He said that he was ‘OK’. I was chubby even then, though I was born very sickly, physically twisted (arms and legs intertwined) and unable to pee. This was my maternal grandmother’s work and she mainly used coconut oil! Once I started eating she fattened me up on a strict diet of eggs, chocolate, meat, fish, rice and lentils. My ‘mother’ made me fancy cakes and puddings. I was doomed from birth.

Newspaper clippings of MY PICTURE I have from c. 1955.

The holes are actual worm holes! Something you will find in books and papers from Ceylon of this vintage!

You can see ‘Lalith Oswald Perera‘ in the first two images.

The 3rd image is from a Sinhalese paper.

Click to ENLARGE.