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June 2013 In NH Lakes Has Been Rainy & Gloomy, But Not A Patch On 1998 Or Even 2006. ‘No Wake’ July 4, 1998!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Our house in Gilford, NH, May 2006. The house was usually 9′ from Winnipesaukee. This year the water was lapping underneath the windows. Forget spitting distance. you could hit the water from any of the windows without trying. Click to ENLARGE.

Our boathouse in Gilford, May 2006. The water is supposed to be at least 9″ below the bottom of the dock. Click to ENLARGE.

The famous Bizer chart of the lake. Check 1998 in the middle and 2006 to the left of it … and then 2013 (in black) smack in the middle of the chart. This is nothing in the scheme of things. Click …

June 1998 rainfall. 5.58 inches. Click to ENLARGE.

June 2013. No where close to 1998. Click to ENLARGE.

No question this has been a dismal June for us in the Lakes Region. I have yet to go swimming and that, I am sure, is a record going back to 1992 — which is when I moved to this area (and always had lake access to at least one of the lakes).

Cracks me up that so many folks around here can’t remember 1998. That is when we had a LAKE-WIDE, No Wake — even at 9 am on July 4, 1998. I remember, I know — because I lived waterfront, in Meredith (and as is my wont had my finger on the pulse of NH politics). In 1998 the ‘No Wake’ was hugely political. Business owners wanted it lifted — at least for the 4th. Property owners, who were suffering tangible damages, did not want to incur more damage and was dead against having it lifted. Various groups were lobbying, by phone, Governor Jeanne Shaheen. I had a foot in both camps. I can’t remember all the details. I do remember that she lifted the ban in the morning. Then, if I recall, she rescinded it later in the day — not that it mattered; it was raining and nobody wanted to be out on the lake anyway. 

i think the Lake-Wide No Wake stood for weeks. I used to have a jet ski in those days and would, most days, rain or shine, go for a spin around Meredith bay just ahead of dusk. A number of times I was followed home by Marine Patrol but was never stopped — because I knew the laws and they could tell that I knew the laws. They were just hoping that I would get careless. It was fun. Those days I had a ski-lift for parking that jet ski. The water was so high that it snapped the lift — the waves causing the jet ski to thump down on the lift.

So, I am not thrilled about this June, but having lived around here for 22 years I am kind of sanguine.

I had heard that all those ‘No Wake‘ signs popping up on beaches all around The Lake took a toll on Catholic funeral ‘protocol’ (and family relations) in Massachusetts. Many from Mass. never having seen ‘No Wake’ signs before kind of assumed (as Catholics from Mass are prone to do) that these must be signs from God or at least from the Pope. So if they were supposed to be attending a wake they assumed that these new signs gave them an out. I am serious. Go ask around.