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“Locke’s Hill Trail”, Gilford, NH — A Mini (But Rewarding) “Mount Major”.

by Anura Guruge

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From Google Maps, of course — who else? Click image to access Google Maps at this ‘point’.

Locke’s Hill” in Gilford like “Knight’s Pond” in Alton is an oft overlooked by folks looking for a ‘not-to-hard’, BUT rewarding hike on ‘this side’ of Lake Winnipesaukee. “Locke’s Hill” trail, like the much more famous “Mount Major” in Alton is on Route 11, about 6 miles apart. See map above.

“Locke’s” is a definite, v. kid friendly, alternative to “Mount Major” — the views from the top not that dissimilar. “Locke’s” at 1.9 miles of hiking is exactly half as long as “M.M.”, and at 1,057′ its elevation is 728′ less than that of its ‘big cousin’. On a difficulty scale of 1-5, if “M.M” is a 4 “Locke’s” is probably 1.25. If you go up “Quarry Trail” on the left of the Trailhead and come down via the “Lakeside Trail” the only real (slightly) steep places you will encounter is on the way down!

We, I and the two kids, did “Locke’s” on Monday evening when the temp. was in the high 70s. It is shady and cool. Totally deserted (as it tends to be). We encountered one other group and that was when we were nearly back at the car park. In contrast there were about 8 cars at “M.M.”. When I lived in Gilford, less than 1.5 miles away, I did this trail quite a bit, often with Ulysses.

Easy, fun, rewarding hike. The stone seats are cool. Unlike “Knight’s” it is very quiet and peaceful until you are nearly back to the car park — at which point you hear the traffic on Rte 11.

At the v. top, by the red tower do NOT take the wide track with what are tire-tracks from the tower maintenance vehicles. Instead either GO STRAIGHT ahead or find the narrower foot-path which is the “Lakeside Trail”. Otherwise you will miss the views of the Lake! Do not go back along the “Quarry Trail” following the signs to the car park. You will miss the Lake again! Yes, the signage could be better at the top. But now you have been warned.

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by Anura Guruge