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TDS TV 1Gig Fiber Service In Alton (N.H.) Comes To Over $225/month For My Needs!

by Anura Guruge


I currently have TWO Internet services: 150/160Mbps from MetroCast and 15Mbps from TDS. Yes, I have two services to get more bandwidth and redundancy (when one goes down). I also have DISH TV (via TDS) and a TDS landline.

I had always said I would get 1Gig when it was available. But, I have now gone 2 months without doing so.

Yes, my current bills for TDS/DISH & MetroCast comes to around $235. So in theory I can get much more for less with TDS.

Aaahh! But the devil is in the details. I get HBO with DISH. It will cost me ANOTHER $20 to get it with the TDS bundle. Plus now I have redundancy and that is always nice when either MetroCast (very rarely) or TDS (more often) is down. IF I want redundancy it will cost me more. Without HBO I would probably be in the $260 region. But, in theory I will be getting a LOT of bandwidth though none of the speeds are guaranteed.

Some of you may have seen TDS’ $101.94/month price.

That is for 100Mbps, NO HD, 1 TV and Internet phone.

TDS charges $10/month for HD and $8/month for additional TVs. So I am immediately $18 up on that.

So, just a heads up. HD is $10/month, additional TVs are $8/month and you will only get a landline IF you already have one — like we do.

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by Anura Guruge

OBiTALK Forcing A $10 Upgrade To Continue Google Voice Support!

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and have a gander.

Click to ENLARGE. Slightly out-of-date but much of it is still in place.

I have been very successfully and gainfully using an OBi110Voice Service Bridge‘ to BOND our landline from TDS with an VoIP service from Google Voice. Basically I can use either the TDS landline or Google Voice to place calls and calls on the TDS landline comes in (as does calls on Google Voice).

Last week the OBi started giving me grief. Yes, I had changed my Google password (after we had our rental car, with electronics, broken into in San Francisco) and OBiTalk, quite correctly, needed the new password. But, even after that it kept on DISCONNECTING my Google Voice service. That was annoying. Then on the 4th day of this palava OBiTalk ADMITTED what it was really up to.

It wanted $10 off me to UPDATE my software and thereby have continued, uninterrupted Google Voice service. I didn’t really have any choice. $10 or NO Google Voice. I, of course, paid — via Amazon Checkout.

Just seemed sneaky and bordering on extortion. Easy way to get $10 per customer. $10 for FREE Google Voice is a bargain. I would have paid that without any problem. Seems a pity that OBi goes about doing this in what comes across as an underhand way!

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by Anura Guruge

TDS Internet & Phone Outage, Alton, New Hampshire, August 25 – 26, 2015 — Down For 12 Hours!


As I pointed out v. early this morning I noticed the TDS outage just after 10 pm when I went to watch my daily dose of cricket via my Roku 3. I had hoped it would be a short outage. I was wrong. At 11 pm I had to start my ‘3rd shift’ of working — though my latest book was all done. I have 75Mbps MetroCast for my work. So that was good — BUT then an hour later it went down too! For 40 minutes I had BOTH TDS and MetroCast down. I am sure there was a connection. It might have been in the common backbone — possibly outside of NH.

The TDS outage, which also affected my TDS landline, continued well past 1pm. I had a very unsatisfactory interaction with TDS’ Jamaican Call Center just prior to that. The only good news from that was that I got a ‘Trouble Ticket Number’.

TDS was still down at 8:10 am this morning. I called TDS again. Having a Trouble Ticket Number expedited matters. They FINALLY told me that the problem had to do with ‘my area’ and that technicians had been sent to fix it.

At 10 am we got a call saying it BUT I already knew that. SMILE.

So just an update.