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“Landmark Worldwide”, In New York, Employs THE Rudest Person I Have Yet To Meet.

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by Anura Guruge

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I had never heard of ‘Landmark’, ‘Landmark Worldwide’ or  ‘The Landmark Forum’ until I had to look them up. Cracks me up, no end, that they boast about their prowess in ‘relationships’, ‘quality of life’ etc. when they happen to EMPLOY the RUDEST person I have yet to meet.

What is it all about. Has to do with the pink Kindle Paperwhite that Teischan found on the floor of our hotel room when we went to Philadelphia to pick up our XJ8. As documented here I tracked down the owner, spoke to her on the phone and arranged to ship the Kindle back to her. And we did and I told her that she doesn’t have to bother with reimbursing the $6 (or thereabouts) because I was sure I could afford that for a good cause. So about three weeks ago Deanna took great care to ship it, certified, trackable US PS priority mail, inside two padded envelopes to: c/o Landmark Worldwide, 317A West 33rd St., New York, NY 10001. She tracked it all the way, as is her wont, until it was delivered to Landmark Worldwide. That was weeks ago.

This ingrate, who first name begins with “Ma”, has our e-mail and did e-mail us her mailing address etc. I did not want any money BUT it would have been nice to get a one line e-mail saying that she got her damn Kindle and ‘Thank You’. NOTHING. Nada. Deanna asked me whether I heard anything. I said ‘No’. Deanna, always willing to cut people slack, thought that maybe she was going to send us a thank you note by mail. Our address, of course, was on the Priority Mail envelope.


How rude.

So how can ‘Landmark’ CLAIM to help anybody with anything POSITIVE if they employ anybody as crass as this — though I have to say that ‘Landmark’ probably using this employee could do a dynamite course on “How To Be Exceptionally Rude In Life”.

Yes, to be fair it is possible that the Landmark mailroom did not deliver the Kindle to her. That can happen (and I have seen it happen). If so, Landmark still has issues. Yes, it is possible that her e-mail never got to us. But, typically that would generate a bounce at her end and given that I have received at least two e-mails from her it is unlikely that the communication path does not work.

C’est la vie. Least of my problems in life.

Yes, rudeness bothers me. I am, unashamedly, OLD SCHOOL and exceptionally British when it comes to manners. And I am damn proud of it. Oh yes. I can be incredibly, spectacularly rude — both in actions and words. Just like my swearing and anger. I am only rude when provoked, beyond reason — and as you may be able to imagine given my grasp of the vocabulary and words that I probably can be extremely withering. And I am and I then feel incredibly guilty. But, 95% of the time I am polite to the point that it may seem unctuous. But, in reality it is not. Being polite is something you can do for FREE — though part of my protocol, that sometimes drives Deanna to distraction, is that I try not to visit anybody without taking them something. But, ‘please’ and ‘Thank You’ are FREE and I use them liberally. My adoptive mother, born in Ceylon in 1931, during British rule, was an out and out anglophile with tastes and manners straight out of a Victorian novel. She wanted her adopted son to be the perfect little British gent. Her big thing was “Class”. Yes, she was very much into ‘class’ in everything she did.

Amazes me the number of times people ask things of me, by e-mail, without ever including a ‘please’ or ‘thank you’. Remember this idiot from the University of York in the U.K.?

Anywho … time to move on and my next post is one of extreme politeness by a ‘government’ organization. Yes.