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My Personal Tribute To ‘D-Day 76’, June 6, 2020, A Good Day To Recall Great Feats, Astoudning Sacrifice & Great Leaders.

by Anura Guruge

Remember. Reflect. Rejoice!

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My Prior Years.

Last year, being the 75th anniversary, was, naturally, BIG. I am glad we commemorated with so much gusto since COVID has put a dent in this year’s participation.

But, with all of what is going on in the U.S., with the UNREST & moronic leadership, today is a wonderful day to BASK in what was THE GLORY of D-Day. What an achievement. A turning point in HISTORY. Maybe we are in the midst of another.

Not much more I can add. A solemn day in the end. Day to reflect, a day to give thanks — that we are speaking English rather than German.

Please check ALL the ‘D-Day‘ and ‘Red Poppy‘ posts on this blog. The search box is on the sidebar. In those days I covered much.

Remember. Reflect. Rejoice!

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by Anura Guruge

The GREAT Sir Winston Churchill Was Born This Day 143-Years Ago; November 30, 1874.

by Anura Guruge

The justifiably legendary
“We shall fight on the beaches” speech.

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The stupendously MAGNIFICENT “Blenheim Palace” — which belonged to his grandfather. I have visited it a few times. A REAL “Downton Abbey”. The gardens certainly more spectacular.

I guess I am on record, on this blog, as saying, 2.5-years ago, that he was my GREATEST hero.

That indeed has to be the case. He gives me goose bumps, inspiration and fortitude. I admire him much, for his leadership, courage, intellect, oratory, humor and above all his writing. Boy, could he write. Wish I could write like that. Yes, of course, I know of his supposed failings. He probably would not have liked me much — just because of the color of my skin! Pity. But, in a way he was a product of his era when Britain truly did rule the Empire. I also attribute the rumors as to his supposed ‘gayness’ to a British ‘thing’ of ‘that era’! It was commoner than most would appreciate.

What a MAN. To I, it was he who made sure WE won WWII. Whether they knew it or not, all the other key players were led (by their nose (most of the time) by Dear Winston.

Yes, I have paid him the highest compliment that I can. I named a gorgeous, very regal Golden after him. My ‘Winston’ from 1998.


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by Anura Guruge