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Vatican ‘Vatileaks’ Mk. II — Two Arrested On Suspicion, One A Monsignor Who Is A Curialist.

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by Anura Guruge

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IF you have not noticed things are way out of control at the Vatican. No, it is NOT business as usual. This is outright internecine warfare. Pope Francis appears to revel in being an Agent provocateur. This crazy. Great for me. More grist to the proverbial mill but I feel bad for devout Catholics. The ground is shifting under them.

Lucas ‘Engine Oil Stop Leak’ For The 1989 V-12 Jaguar XJS.

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by Anura Guruge

Gordon Preston

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Click to access the Lucas Oil product page for this ‘stop leak’. I bought the gallon from Amazon and had it shipped, ‘Free’, thanks to my Amazon Prime.

Of course my Jaguar XJS leaks, not much, but it does leak. Yes, I knew that when I bought it. But from what I hear it is pretty hard to find a V-12 XJS that does not leak. So it is a question of finding one that doesn’t leak excessively.

Paul Bousquet.

When I took it in for it ‘full’ shake-down at ‘B-Boys‘, in Barnstead, N.H., by master mechanic Paul Bousquet, he steamed cleaned the block and had a good look at the leak. Told me it wasn’t worth fixing it because there was at least 12 hours of labour to try and do it properly. And I trust Paul. So I have been putting a little bit of oil every few weeks or so. That said, I have probably put 100 miles on the XJS in the last 2 months. So it doesn’t get driven much.

Then, this last Saturday, we visited (as we are wont to do of late), Kati & Gordon Preston in Barnstead, with my son Matthew. The Prestons, by any measure, are AMAZING people. Gordon, a fellow Brit, is a very proficient and creative, British-qualified engineer. Plus he drives Land- and Range-Rovers. He told me about the Lucas ‘Stop Leak’ and how he uses it in his latest Range Rover. Plus it is Lucas. As soon as I got home I ordered a gallon. It just came. Haven’t put it in. BUT, wanted to share with you. Don’t think it will totally stop the leaks. But if it slows them down I will be very happy. Oh, a gallon from Amazon cost $31.29.