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In China Topless MEN Get As Much Grief As “Free The FEMALE Nipple” In New Hampshire.

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by Anura Guruge

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On CNN, as it appeared on Google News, July 23, 2015.


This story caught my eye as I scanned through Google News.

Wow. How ironic. Last few days I have been focusing on the “Free the FEMALE Nipple” New Hampshire branch and then this.

We, and especially I, take the liberty and right we, as men, to go topless for granted. I have been running topless, on my near daily run, for the last 2 months. That is about 45 minutes — not even close to a beach or pool. Nobody can touch me for doing so. I guess I will not be able to do so with impunity in China.

Makes you think.

But it also makes you realize, anew, that the ladies have a very good point.

[No, no, that wasn’t a pun. I was just making a point.]

What happened in China is the reason that we must rally around to help support the “Free the Nipple“. Remember, remember, Hampton Beach, August 23, 2015. Topless, especially IF you are a man.

Kind of amusing that the Chinese hired western men to bare their chest. Huge indictment on the manliness of chinese chests.

[[I will have to post a picture of my topless chest. I have two tan lines. Looks like I was wearing a halter top! How and why? The dogs run with me off leash. But I carry two leashes, in case I have to leash them, draped around my neck — so my hands are free.]]