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Losing 20 Pounds In Body Weight Has Really Done A Job On My Swimming Buoyancy.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I have to admit that I am still rattled by the lack of buoyancy I discovered, to my cost, on Sunday when I went swimming.

Wow. I have been doing some research. It appears that I have lost about 2 pounds of lift. That doesn’t sound much but that is about 40% of the buoyancy required to keep a person afloat.

The biggest thing I noticed was that I was floating vertically! That was scary. But, now it makes total sense — and this diagram shows it all.

Most of the 20 pounds of fat came off my waist and a bit off my chest.

Having that fat on my waist previously lifted my waist up so that I was horizontal. Now without that fat, my lower body sinks.

I am sure that I will get used to this.

Divers know about this. When they lose weight they reduce the amount of free weights they use.

But, I am not sure whether this issue is ever talked about in normal weight loss discussions. This could be dangerous. Somebody who has say lost 50 pounds might think that he/she can now swim better and dive in — without realizing that they are going to experience one heck of a shock.