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New Hampshire Hoping To Pass A Law To Limit The Growing Craze With ‘Roadside Memorials’.

by Anura Guruge

The New Hampshire ‘House Bill’ (HB) waiting approval. Click to ENLARGE and read here. Here is the link to the original: legiscan.com/NH/text/HB1428/id/1656461

Click image to access WMUR coverage.

While I can kind of understand the motivation and cathartic value, these roadside memorials, around here, are getting out of hand. They were erecting quite an elaborate one, replete with a plastic palm tree and two Adirondack chairs in the MIDDLE of Alton Circle today — probably to memorialize a local that died, at the circle, in a motorcycle accident last week. That one, right smack in the middle of the circle, is quite distracting — and that circle, already, is fraught with danger.

So, I for one, will be really glad to see some legislation limiting these roadside memorials.

I personally think 90-days is too much. I would have gone with 14-days, MAX. Plus, there should be size limitations.

But, this would be a start — though it has NOT passed the house as yet.

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by Anura Guruge

The UNREASONABLE $100 Million, Per Check, Limit Set By The U.S. IRS.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read. In the U.S. IRS Form 1040 Instructions. Page 75. Look it up. I could NOT believe it. How inconsiderate and arbitrary.

I am sure that some of you, no doubt, were very familiar with this arbitrary restriction and have found ways to work around it.

It was NEW to I. Never seen it or heard about it before.

Wow. I am gobsmacked. So, inconsiderate. What is the big deal? $100 million, $200 million a $1 billion. Just accept the check and move on,

Not cool. Not funny. I am going to complain to Drump. He must have run into this, often.

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by Anura Guruge

Is the June 28, 2017 Cardinal Creating Consistory To Be Pope Francis’ Last — Before He Resigns?

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

This, by any standard, was a surprise, ‘snap’ announcement of a consistory. There was no need for one at this time — in that the cardinal-electors at 97% of full.

That he announced 5 and just 5 is intriguing.

As the graphic above clearly shows, barring any deaths, this means that there will be 121 electors until early February 2018.

IF there were to be a conclave prior to that having 121 cardinal electors would be a problem — as I have discussed many, many times.

The last time we had such a small number of cardinals created was in November 2012 — three months ahead of Benedict XVI announcing his resignation!

I have a feeling that there is SOME significance to this consistory.

Many things are strange and different! More on that soon.

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by Anura Guruge

My Efforts To Conserve Internet Bandwidth Vindicated — We Could Run Out Of Internet Capacity In 8 Years

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read these two snippets from the U.K. “Daily Mail”. Use link below to access original.

Click here
to access original U.K. “Daily Mail” coverage.

This is my concern and fear when it comes to Internet bandwidth. We are using it at a faster rate than we can — eventually — add capacity to keep up.

I have absolutely no issue with Internet bandwidth being used productively. That is what it is there for. Yes, even with just productive use we will run out of capacity and start running into slowdowns caused by congestion.

My crusade is against WASTE of bandwidth. People just wantonly abusing bandwidth BECAUSE there is no direct cost associated with capacity used. I am in favor of having a USAGE charge on bandwidth — on TOP of the access charge we currently pay for Internet access.

As I keep on pointing out we all can do SMALL things and they all help. When you reply to an e-mail DELETE MOST (if NOT all) of what was already there. Sending it back takes up BANDWIDTH. Just as with energy there is no such thing called FREE BANDWIDTH. All bandwidth used consumes energy, generates actual traffic — which causes congestion — and eats into capacity.

So, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t waste Internet bandwidth. It is a finite resource and we will run out of it. Thank YOU.