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Wolfeboro, NH, Courtesy Of “Hot Club Of Cowtown” Reverberated To Austin Country Swing, On Friday, August 14, 2015.

Ronan Tynan, week before.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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The irrepressible Elana James.

Charismatic Whit Smith.

The prodigal, “you can do THAT with a Bass”, Jake Irwin.

Click to access their Website.

The tour manager for the last 12 years, Eva, ears perked, eyes closed, listening for any duff notes.

Last week with Ronan Tynan the catchwords were ‘soaring’ and strident. This week, with the “Stalwarts of Country Swing“, it was all sizzling strings, breathless vocals and lots of passion and fervor. Elana’s violin, played as a fiddle with mesmerizing vigor tempered with virtuosity, took you places you would not imagine that such a small and delicate instrument would be capable of going. The big (and we later found out to our delight and amazement, totally ‘collapsible’) bass, on the other hand, was lovingly whipped — and that is the only way to describe it — on occasion to produce a ‘thump’ that you had to experience to appreciate. It was quite the performance. Wasn’t so much a wall of sound, but waves upon waves, non-stop and intertwined, of notes all, despite what sometimes was meant to come across as frantic strumming, very pleasing to the ear and compelling to the heart. They, having been doing it for 18 years, really do know what they are doing, what works and what the audience wants. Talent like that leaves me, one with no talents at all, in utter awe, often, last night, with my mouth agape. It was, yet again, an honor and rare privilege to be there. And what nice people. Salt of the earth from Austin, TX.

As is my wont (being the closet introvert that I am) I ‘work the crowd‘ and ‘press the flesh‘. So I got to learn some about the audience. During the first half I sat behind two identical looking brothers (though not twins), accountants both, from Norway (yes, like next door to Sweden (rather than in Maine)), who were seeing ‘Cowtown’ for the 4th night in a row! I was impressed with that. Then in the second half Elana told all of us that it was the Norwegian brothers’ 74th, yes, you heard that correct, 74th, time seeing ‘Cowtown’ perform. The group had (and I am not sure whether I would really call it ‘kindly’) given them one of their T-shirts each when they attended their 60th concert. Reminded me of all those T-shirt jokes. “We went to 60 of their concerts and all they gave us was this lousy T-shirt.” Well, Elana did promise that they would get something else when they came to the 75th concert. But, DAMN! Last night was the last concert of what had been a 3-week tour. No more concerts till October. So the two brothers will have to wait awhile to make it 75. Kind of humbled me, which, in reality isn’t that hard to do. I used to be an unashamed “Steeleye Span” and “Lindisfarne” groupie. But, at most, I might have seen them, each, maybe 20 times, possibly a bit more. Definitely not 50 times and 74 blows my mind. I have seen the ‘Phantom’ around 7 times and I keep on joking that my goal is to see it at least 17 times — that number, somehow, stuck in my mind as how many time Princess Diana saw the show. BUT, 74? Just think of that. And they come over from Norway. 74.

But, they were NOT alone — though I didn’t meet anybody else who even came close to 74, let alone 47. There was a couple who had seen them the night before in Boothbay, Maine and came across to New Hampshire to see them again. So twice in two nights. I met two ‘older’ (meaning that they were older than I) couples, both ex-Mass., who had seen the group, in Mass. many years ago, 15 years ago in the case of one couple and 18 years for the other — and that had been in Somerville. They actually asked for a show of hands of those that had seen them before. Of the around 180 present about 40% had seen them before. That is quite the following and I can now understand and appreciate.

I was impressed. I was entertained. And I can honestly say that I was well and truly sated and it takes something special to sate me.

I have over 170 usable images from this concert, BUT there is only so much that I can post. Click to ENLARGE.

Another Musical Christmas Present To YOU. ‘Gaudete’, The Sacred Christmas Carol, By Maddy Prior With Steeleye Span.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Please click to access YouTube video ... you will be so glad you did.

Please click to access YouTube video … you will be so glad you did.

If you are NOT familiar with ‘Gaudete’, I feel bad for you.
But at least we have rectified that.

Click above for a Wikipedia take on this very old Christmas hymn.

I learnt of ‘Gaudete’ by hearing Steeleye Span, with Maddy Prior,
singing it … in the early 1970.

I would have to say that ‘Steeleye Span’ is still my all time favorite group — ever.

I used to be a ‘Steeleye Span’ (& ‘Lindisfarne’) groupie —
in that I would try and attend as many concerts, a year, that I could. 

When I could I would follow them from town to town
— seeing two or three concerts a week. 

That I was a customer support manager, expected to travel around the U.K., as much as I could,
and money was never an issue (in those halcyon days),
made being a ‘groupie’ a breeze.

I think Maddy Prior is divine.

Sit back. Turn up the volume and ENJOY.

Filligar — This Band Should Go Far. We Saw Them At Dartmouth’s HopFest On July 20, 2012. Very Impressed.

Click for the official Web site.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge


These boys (slightly older than my oldest daughter) should do very well. Outstanding personalities. Their parents should be so proud. Three of them, two of them twins, are brothers; the twins Teddy and Pete, and younger by 2 year, Johnny Mathias. They, along with their childhood buddy, Casey Gibson, who make up the quartet, all hail from Chicago, though they now spend a fair amount of time in L.A., the place to be when you are on the cusp of making it big.

Their music was loud, vibrant, vivid and pulsed to an irresistible beat. Not the music I normally listen to, but I can appreciate the contemporariness of it. The kids definitely gave them 2 thumbs up and thought they were the BEST group of the day. Who am I to disagree? They are the new experts.

Given that their merchandise table was right behind me while I was doing my 3-hour Information Booth shift, I got to talk with some of them; with Johnny in particular. Boy, was I impressed. All three brothers are Dartmouth graduates, and it shows. Johnny graduated just 2 years ago, with a degree in history, majoring in American-Arab relations. I am sure that there are a couple of 3 letter agencies in D.C. who would love to offer him a job.

I have to confess that I have always, since my late teens in the late 60s, been bit of a groupie. I used to follow Steeleye Span and Lindisfarne around the U.K. — lucky enough to have a job (with ITT Data Systems, as their UK Customer Support Manager) that enabled to me travel the country on official business during the day. More recently, Deanna and I got a chance to meet and spend some time with Alison Krauss and Union Station. Also during my 20 years of attending the NH Highland GamesI have had the chance to talk with members of many an upcoming band.

The Mathias brothers, especially Johnny, the most down-to-earth, unassuming ‘superstars’ I have had the privilege of talking to. They were great. Realistic, good heads on their shoulders. They even made their own tie-dyed Filligar T-shirts to sell to their growing band of fans. I wish them well. They deserve it.

I see that their Wikipedia entry says this about the name of their band: They invented the name Filligar (based on the Mathias brothers’ sister’s childhood pet).

I did not know the origins of the name, and given my noted interest in names asked Johnny about what it meant. He gave me a longer, more detailed and awfully cute explanation. Their sister is a ‘few years’ older than them. A ‘long time ago’, in Chicago, at a fair she won a goldfish. She wanted to name it after the cat, Figaro, in Pinocchio. The name, however, came out (as is the wont with kids) ‘Filligar’. Isn’t that cute. I like their sister. Wanting to name a goldfish after a cat shows an interesting line of thought. These kids have good genes. It made my day.

So … here is to … Filligar. We wish them all the very best.

Filligar on YouTube. Click to play YouTube video.

Click to access the official Filligar Web site.