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Neighbour Finds ‘Lobster Trap’ Bird Feeder Stolen By Bears 149-Days Ago.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access May 11, 2020 post.

You can see one bear getting ready to steal bird feeder.

That was May 11, 2020. 149-days ago. We searched for the bird feeder for days. It was a birthday present & had sentimental value.

Next door neighbor found it way at the bottom of their yard. Quite a long ways away. He/she carried it 400/500 yards. I am impressed.

It is NOT damaged. Not broken into or misshapen. It held suet. So they must have scooped it out.

We are HAPPY. If we can now find the other — $110 — one. SMILE.


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by Anura Guruge

VIDEO: 3 Bears Visit Our Yard, Last Night, To Steal Another Bird Feeder — This One A ‘Lobster Trap’.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

$70 ‘Lobster Trap‘ bird feeder, from Maine, they stole.

Haven’t found it yet, and we have looked.

lobster trap bird feeder

Last night, Saturday, May 9, 2020 — around 9:42pm. (I went out for my 1-mile nightly walk EXACTLY an hour later. No, I didn’t bump into them. But, now I know).

Mother (who steals the feeder) & two cubs. Big, though. Don’t think they are this years. Seems too big. Funny, the 1st cub sniffs at it BUT leaves it to the mother.

Lucky we caught it on our security cameras. Couldn’t miss. It was 6′ from the front door. You can see the steps to the front door. So, we had good camera coverage. Easy enough to locate. Just FF till we saw the pole bent — then go back from there.

This is what the pole looked like this morning.

They were after the SUET that was in the feeder. BUT, here is the funny thing, there was another suet feeder, just on the other side. That would have been easier to get!

We lost an EXPENSIVE, $135 dollar ROTATING ‘Yankee Flipper’ feeder about a month ago.

I suspected a bear. This feeder was in the middle of the yard & the cameras didn’t cover that area. So, we couldn’t be sure.

There were 4 other bird feeders & 2 squirrel feeders in the yard. All LOADED. They ignored them!

So, in each case they just stole the MOST EXPENSIVE feeder!

That seems weird. My latest $40 feeder. They ignored it. I brought it in tonight.

While we are bummed about the feeders, the bears do not bother I.

I like bears. Never been TOO close to one, but I have no quarrels or fear of them.

I am happy that they got something to eat. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge