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GoDaddy Online Storage Is Not Working For Me, So Started Using Google Drive Today. It Is FREE!


Anura Guruge

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Spend well over 90 minutes with GoDaddy support on the phone and on e-mail on Friday trying to get MY Online Storage (i.e., File Folder) problem fixed.

Doesn’t look like it is going o get fixed. And as they repeatedly point out, I can still access my files and upload new files. So, as far as THEY are concerned this is not a bug. That I have to re-logon is not really their problem!

Deanna and Devanee have both been using Google Drive, with Google Docs to boot, for the last few months — fairly successfully at that, though they are still coming to terms with Google Docs. I steered them on this route because so that they can start using ChromeBooks when their PCs pack up.

So, I was the lone hold out using GoDaddy Online Storage — and paying for it too! I have been using FF for nearly a decade.

I still have a ton of stuff on there. But, I have quite a few months already paid for. So I will slowly move stuff to Google. Since what I mainly save are Word documents I don’t have that much volume. 15 GB, what Google gives you for FREE, should be more than plenty. I don’t think I even use 5 GB right now.

So just a heads up. It was pretty easy enough to get going. Since I use Chrome, and I stay logged on to Google, all day, it was a piece of cake. You have to hand it to Google. They really make it easy. Yes, it is easy to become a Google junkie.