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Philadelphia Amtrak 188: Was Brandon Bostian Trying To Make A Powerful Political Statement (Rather Than Suicidal)?

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access MSNBC original.


Click to ENLARGE and read. Acceleration in the last 49 seconds. Yes, 49 seconds. I did a graph to show that it was straight line acceleration. 40% in 49 seconds!

Now transpires that Brandon Bostian was some kind of zealous ‘travel safety’ advocate plus a confirmed loner.

So was he, most likely extremely aware that Congress, in D.C., was in the process of debating Amtrak funding set out to make an indelible statement?

Think about it.


Was this the ULTIMATE in a graphic Political Statement!

Interesting that nobody is coming forward about his girlfriend, wife or even any other partner. Seems to have been a loner.

Obviously had to have had some mental issues, even if he was not getting treatment.

I have concluded that today’s incessant social media is aggravating mental unease. All this non-stop ‘relationship’ chatter on Facebook, Twitter etc. makes those susceptible to such anxious, rattled and depressed. I see it all around me.

Definitely some destructive element at work. The brake were working.

The sudden braking may have been in his plan ALL along. Sudden, straight line acceleration followed by applying the emergency brakes, on a sharp corner, was GUARANTEED to jackknife and derail the train. So the braking could have been the ‘belt-and-braces’ — making doubly sure that the train would derail.

But I am beginning to think that there could have been a political statement aspect to this tragic crash.

Food for thought. Maybe we might be getting to the point that we might be better off with driverless trains and even planes.