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PSNH Serving Alton: We Lost Power AGAIN Yesterday; 3rd Time In Last 33 Days.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

This is beyond a joke. We have been without power for over 16 hours in the last 33 days — and this is the middle of the Summer, and we haven’t had that many bad storms. We lost power on Sunday, July 8 on a day when there was not even a breeze in the air, let alone a storm. It was gone for most of that day. We lost power for over 7 hours on Tuesday, July 17th, in the evening – and yes, there was a storm passing through. Then yesterday — BEFORE the storm!

PSNH only has less than 200 customers in Alton, and alas and alack we happen to one of them. We are on a spur. Literally the end of the line. PSNH does not give a hoot about us.

I have had PSNH through my entire 26 years in NH, though these days I buy my power from Resident Power though, alas, I still have to rely in PSNH to have it delivered — for which I pay a pretty penny.

Yes, we have two generators and yet again yesterday I hooked them up.

I really want to get my service from the local Alton Co-Op, BUT I understand that PSNH will fight me every step to try and get us moved because it is a MONEY thing. With PSNH it is always money, and just money. It is beyond ironic that they have the word ‘Service’ in their name. ‘Service’ is the furthest thing from their mind. All they want is money, money, money.

I really have to do something about getting off PSNH. I just can’t stand it.