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BBC “The Syndicate” “Hazelwood Manor” Series — Passable Antidote For “Downton Abbey” Withdrawal.

by Anura Guruge


Click to access the BBC homepage for this series.

You can catch it on YouTube.

We happened to see “The Syndicate — Hazelwood Manor” series on BritishAcorn” (on our Roku) last week. Given that it was a series set in a British manor house we started watching it — and within minutes the sickly Lord of the Manor makes a “Downton Abbey” reference. That was cute.

We are all hooked on it as we were with “Downton“. Already seen 5 of the 6 episodes. We did not know about “The Syndicate” series. We assumed that it was meant to be a manor house program. Well this 6 episode series is, but ‘The Syndicate’ per se works on a larger premise. Each series is set in a different work location, a supermarket, a hospital and now a manor house — the syndicate being a group of workers that win the lottery.

Cute. Watchable. Not Downton or Mr. Selfridge. Some holes in the story line, but quite gripping nonetheless, and easy on the eye.

Does show you what would have happened to Downton 90 years from the last, concluding episode.

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by Anura Guruge

Ray Burton On The Need For Casino Gaming Revenue For NH — I Fully Agree With Ray.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.


by Anura Guruge

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Ray Burton's common sense for all letter in today's 'Laconia Daily Sun'. Click image to access their Website

Ray Burton’s common sense for all letter in today’s ‘Laconia Daily Sun’. Click image to access their Website

Though he is a Republican, I have always found that Ray Burton, our NH Executive Councilor, invariably has a sound, common sense approach to what is good for the people of the State. I have to say that I would concur wholeheartedly with what Ray set forth in the above letter — just adding that the NH ‘Department of Revenue Administration‘ is another alternative.

I have never understood the opposition to casinos in NH. I think it will be wonderful: create jobs, generate MUCH NEEDED revenue and provide us with another in state destination.

I have never understood this argument about having to protect people from themselves — when we permit guns, smoking, alcohol, prescription drugs and newspaper editors driving at 90 mph. It seems so ironic in the ‘Live Free or Die‘ state, though did YOU know that Alton has a total ban on fireworks?

Yes, I find it amazing that this country actually enacted prohibition. Wow. Well trying to ban casinos for social good is in that same sorry boat. As Ray quite correctly points out NH permits, if not ENCOURAGES, gambling in the form of the Lottery. Just double standards and hypocrisy.

Yes, I know that at least in ultra-rich, Alton, I am the only one impacted by the increase in property tax. Hopefully there are others in less wealthy towns in NH who share my concern as to ever increasing property taxes.

Please take some time to think about this. Ray, at the end of his letter, encourages you to contact him. I know that he will help. He takes his job very seriously. So, please lets try to make casinos a reality in NH so that we can crawl out of the eternal income deficit hole that plagues NH. Thank you.

Click to access Ray Burton’s Website.