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The Rumored Sony a9 MIGHT Be Perfect For My Needs.

by Anura Guruge

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The Sony a9 rumors have cropped up again.

Not clear whether this a9 is the same as the much anticipated Sony a7 III or indeed a very different camera.

One thing seems to be coalescing — i.e., that it is going to be a ‘low resolution’, i.e., 20 MP camera.

I find that intriguing.

The only way that makes sense to me is IF it like the 12 MP Sony a7S (II) is to have outstanding low-light performance.

The rumors don’t mention that but talk about the ‘FASTEST AF, EVER‘!

This might also have to do with low-light since light plays such a big role in AF.

So the a9 might in essence be an updated a7S II with a 20MP sensor.

24 MP, which I now have, with my Sony a6000 is overkill for my needs. I don’t really want to go beyond that, e.g., 42 MP. That would just be too cumbersome for my needs.

20 MP, with OUTSTANDING low light performance and fast AF would be GREAT for my needs.

So, I am all ears.

I have YET to get the Sony a6500 I was supposed to get last year!

Nothing to do with funds, all to do with TIME.

I was in the midst of writing yet ANOTHER book, my 27th. I didn’t want to get a new camera until that book was done. Didn’t want to be distracted.

That book is done and is currently being proofed.

So, I am ready to buy my ‘new/next’ camera.

But, I am NO LONGER sure I want the a6500!

I am going Sony Full Frame.

Come on. I am entitled. My bucket list.

I have never owned a digital full frame and I do not want to die without having played around with one! Simple as that.

So I am thinking Sony a7 II rather than Sony a6500.

But, I don’t want to order an a7 II if a a7 III or 20MP a9 is just down the road.

So, that is my dilema.

Not a bad one. I still have the a6000 and Nikon P900. So it isn’t as if I don’t have a camera,

A nice problem to have.

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by Anura Guruge