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Feeding Seagulls — Permitted At ‘Hampton Beach’, New Hampshire.

by Anura Guruge

Despite the far from amenable weather, we went to ‘Hampton Beach‘, yesterday, for Mother’s Day — and as is our new wont had a lunch (and a very good one at that (as we knew would be the case)) at ‘Jumpin’ Jack Java‘. Then, we promenaded the ‘boulevard’. On the way back we saw a number of people casually feeding the seagulls. I had to stop and take some pictures.

But, that got me wondering.

Folks feeding seagulls at a public beach. That can’t be kosher.

So, at the next notice board I stopped to read it to see if there were any signs that said ‘No Feeding The Seagull‘. Nada. No signs.

We were walking by the ‘Chamber of Commerce’ office and stopped to inquire.

NO LAWS about feeding seagulls.

I guess this is ‘Live Free, Or Die‘ New Hampshire.

When I got home, I, of course, Googled. I was shocked. Being able to feed seagulls with impunity is quite common in the U.S. of A. WOW. I never realized.

I would have thought that feeding seagulls was a really bad idea. You are making associate humans with food. And I have seen seagulls attack humans. 45-years ago, on Mumbles Beach, near Swansea, in Wales, I had a seagull brazingly dive in and steal my piece of fried cod from the ‘fish-and-chips’ I had just purchased. I was not a happy camper.

I need to keep an eye on this. I am fairly sure that seagulls can be a real nuisance once them get used to too much human dependance. I will also have to check what the story is at other places — like Acadia. So, stay tuned.

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by Anura Guruge

Uno Pizzeria & Grill’s ‘This, That & The Other Thing Sampler’ Is My Goldilocks Lunch Choice.

by Anura Guruge

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I have raved about Uno’s before — especially the Uno’s in Concord, which, in the Summer, tries to have an impressive flower display. I like both the food and the drinks at Uno’s.

It is my favorite place in Concord for a semi-quick meal. If we are truly in a hurry we do Fast Food. If we have more time, I start with Uno.

That was the case on Tuesday, September 11, 2018. We had 40-minutes and we headed to Uno’s. We had been there, for lunch, a few weeks ago also. I had stumbled upon the ‘This, That & The Other Thing Sampler‘ on that visit. This time I went straight to it and ordered exactly what I had ordered the last time, viz., meatballs, chicken bites & the Buffalo chicken quesadilla. For I it is the Goldilocks lunch. Just right. Enough food with a touch of carbs in the quesadilla not to mention the “Windy City Hurricane” that I had. It was good. I can’t say no to anything that has Southern Comfort and pineapple juice.

So, check it out. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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by Anura Guruge

2016 Shout-Out For “Sea Bird” Asian Cuisine in Wolfeboro, NH — My Favorite Chinese For Miles Around.

by Anura Guruge

I noticed that owner and chief chef, ‘Guy’ (and he is indeed a very nice guy) was wearing one of these caps. He must have noticed me looking at it because I was touched and honored to be given one. Yes, I will wear it with pride. I am very fussy as to who I endorse, especially on my head gear (typically opting to only honor nations, places or car manufacturers such as London, Scotland or MGB), but I will wear this often. SMILE.


Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use link below to access original.

Click here to access the ORIGINAL menus at the ‘Seabird’ Website.

I have raved about the ‘Sea Bird’ before — here, here & also here.

Wonderful people, good food, attractive prices and decent location. What more can you ask.

That said we don’t eat there as often as we should mainly because we don’t go out to eat that often and when we do it is because we are travelling — and we tend to travel South of Wolfeboro,

But this Summer we have been lucky enough to eat at the ‘Sea Bird’ thrice — the latter occasions a week apart, both on a Thursday, once after the “Mount Washington” cruise and the other after we went horseback riding at “Castle in the Clouds“. Suffice to say that it was delightful each time.

Just want to bring their lunch menu to YOUR attention. We like it — like it very much. All the items come with a generous serving of fried rice and a soup (Wonton or Hot & Sour). Tesichan will live on Chinese fried rice and I can eat/drink a LOT of Chinese soup. I order two or three items from #27 to #31 and that serves as a mini Pu Pu Platter with enough fried rice to keep Teischan going for a day and a half. All the other items are good. I had the Tangerine Beef the other day and it was divine. Decent prices and wonderful service — with a smile.

So check it out IF you haven’t visited recently. Also good chance that you won’t have to hang around for a table. That is kind of important in Wolfeboro, during the Summer, around lunchtime.

P.S., IF you are wondering why it is called ‘Sea Bird’ — that was the NAME of the ship in which Guy ‘left’ Vietnam, about three decades ago.

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by Anura Guruge

“Skylight Dining Room”: Interesting Luncheon Option In Wolfeboro, NH — April 2016 Menu.

by Anura Guruge

The “Skylight Dining Room” is run, Tuesday to Thursday, 12:00 to 1:30pm by the Culinary Arts Program at the “Lakes Region Technology Center” in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire — right next door to the Kingswood High School. We have yet to go but it looks interesting. So we definitely plan to visit in April. Here is the April menu.


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by Anura Guruge

Alton Central School (ACS) School Board Meeting, August 20, 2013: Fred Fuller Was The Main Issue.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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The BIGGEST Issue:
Do ACS parents care IF ACS buys oil from
convicted sexual harasser?

The lady who has been holding the floor, multiple times per meeting, at the last few School Board meetings.

The lady who has been holding the floor, multiple times per meeting, at the last few School Board meetings. Mr. Steve Miller in the background.

This was an out-of-cycle, at a strange-time, i.e., 4 to 6 pm, ACS School Board meeting to make up for the meeting that did not happen last week, on Monday, because there was no quorum.

We kind of knew that attendance would be even worse than usual. We were right. In the end it was JUST the two of us. There was not even a scribe from the local rag.

They really took to heart, and it was touching, the motion I instigated that as many public documents as possible be displayed on a big screen so that we could all follow. They really adhered to that (though the first PDF they tried to display was corrupted and would not open). When they couldn’t display a document they shared printed copies with us. It was so good. This should have been the norm for years.

After the no quorum debacle I also managed, today, to get ANOTHER structural change, for the better, in place — with majority support from the members. In future, the meeting agenda will ALWAYS contain a ‘Regrets from Absent Members‘ item to avoid confusion.

It now appears that out of the 3 that did not turn up, two had followed the proper procedure and notified the Superintendent, Mr. Lander, of their absence well ahead of time. But for reasons I cannot fathom this was never disclosed by Mr. Lander or the Chair. I think that was wrong. It was a disservice to the two members who had done the right thing. As for the third … I tried to get the other board members to send him to detention with the Assistant Principal. But, they wouldn’t buy that.

Appears that kids in the Elementary School were paying 20 cents less for their lunch than the older kids — though they all get the same meals with the same portions. So after some discussion the Elementary School lunch price was raised to $2.25 — same as what the other kids pay. That can still add for some. I worry. I know that there are kids that go hungry at ACS — and that is why we have various ‘combat hunger’ programs (Devanee actually helping with one of these programs).

The lunch prices and Fred Fuller were the only real items of import and interest.

Steve Miller and I, again demonstrating commonality, both requested ‘Common Core’ on the agenda for the next Board Meeting with me also requesting that the Board hold a vote of confidence or no confidence in CC — given that ACS is committed to following CC in the 2013 – 2014 school year.

We Did 2012 Thanksgiving Brunch At The Sheraton Harborside Hotel, Portsmouth, NH.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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>>— Nov. 16, 2012.

This was at least the 5th time we have been to the Portsmouth Sheraton for a holiday buffet; Thanksgiving 2010 the previous.
So will we be going again next year or the year after?
Not sure, but I wouldn’t totally rule it out
— and I think that that is a fair summary of our experience yesterday.

The folks were GREAT, though the ‘Director of Operations’, who was delightful,
Mr. Steve Merrill, really should wear a tie.

Click on any of the pictures to ENLARGE them.

One of the unmitigated highlights Stan Bednarz. Dazzling and very kid friendly. He, rather than (the rather insipid) dessert table (compared to 2010), did much to add sorely needed ‘glitter’ to the proceedings. Bravo Stan, you made the day. Thank You.

The tightly packed buffet and the uninspiredly laid out appetizers.

The carving station with the tieless but nevertheless apparently tireless Steve Merrill, with bonhomie a plenty.

The centerpieces were colorful and festive. I met the young lady who did them. She was everywhere. Seemed to be doing a great job. Credit to the Sheraton.

The foyer. The piano, with the superlative Stan is directly behind her with the buffet beyond that. Carving station is at the top left.

To keep this as succinct as possible, lets start with what they did NOT have:

Pecan pie. 

A dress code.

Appropriate space for the buffet.

Necessary, functional serving utensils for the appetizers.

Detectable flavor in the Prime Rib.

Adequate lighting to highlight the wood.

Moisture in the stuffed chicken breasts.

Apple pie with the crust intact.

Horseradish with any kind of kick.

Stuffing better than what I can make from a packet.

Ice to keep the crab claws cold.

Firmness to the New England corn pudding.

What they DID have:

Enthusiastic, motivated staff.

Absolutely divine wild mushroom Ravioli with spinach & a Gorgonzola cream. WOW!

A fresh baby spinach and bosc pear salad that could convince you that you could live just on salad.

Excellent piano accompaniment by Stan Bednarz.

Above average baked haddock.

Decent smoked salmon.

A mouthwatering butternut squash.

Par for the course cheese cake.

Great panoramic views of the river and bridges.

6 PCs with Internet access in a common room next to the dining room.

Well the above should be fairly self explanatory.

Not counting the (rather overpriced) $9 for a glass of Mimosa, the one Sprite, one coffee and the 9% NH ‘meals and rentals’ tax, it costs us $100 for the 4 of us. That is not too bad.

Not sure why they crammed the buffet and the carving station into the foyer of the hotel this year. I went and checked the room in which the food was served in 2010. It was empty; a few stacked chairs and boxes of breakfast cereal. Not sure what prompted them to make the change. I was not impressed. It lacked adequate lighting, inspired layout and utensils to properly get at the appetizers.

For what was supposed to be a semi-formal Harvest Buffet at a fairly posh hotel the attire of the diners was shocking.

Yes, I know that people think that it is cool to wear jeans to restaurants, but in my opinion it doesn’t really work when you are in you are past 65 or less than 5′ 4′ in stature. To be fair I can even put up with faded, grubby blue jeans. It is the T-shirts that irk me, especially one sported by a guy that extolled the supposed virtues of a diner in Maine! That was beyond the pale. All I can say is that the guy was obviously from Maine, and he probably thought that he was dressing up. [It is OK. My wife is from Maine (born and bred) and as such I do have the right to stand my ground when it comes to the amount of Red Neckery I will tolerate from across the border.] That the ‘manager’ didn’t wear a tie set the tone. [I used to work as a manager for ITT in the days we owned Sheraton. This kind of dress would never have been tolerated.]

Lets be fair, for $40 less we could have gone to the ‘Great Buffet II‘ down the road and had as much food — though it would have, overall, been a tad inferior in quality. But, if I have to dine with riff-raff wearing merchandizing T-shirts, sweats and grubby blue jeans I might as well go to a Chinese buffet. Sorry.

So, that is about it.

Anura & Deanna Guruge 10 year anniversary

It was ten years since we met. This picture also allows me to see how I looked compared to Thanksgiving at the same place in 2010 when I had a cracked rib and severe bronchitis. Steve M. very kindly took this picture. Thanks Steve.

Thanksgiving: Portsmouth, NH, Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Read the review of our experience.

Click image to access the menu as a PDF.

As we have done a few times before we are going to the Sheraton Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, NH for our Thanksgiving meal.

The Portsmouth Sheraton buffet is a family favorite — though, as a rule, Deanna is not that enamored with buffets, hygiene and overindulgence being her gripes. [Of late I have come to appreciate her concerns, though when push-comes-to-shove I am still partial to a good buffet, though I will readily confess that seeing grossly obese folks at the Chinese buffets do serve as a good object lesson in ‘indulgence in moderation.]

We have been to this buffet for Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day and Easter — over the years. So it is familiar territory for the kids.

Thanksgiving 2010 at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel, Harbor’s Edge dining room. Click to ENLARGE.

Deanna, after our recent uplifting experience, wanted to go to Mame’s in Meredith for Thanksgiving. She called them and found that they were not doing a buffet. Despite her aversion to buffets she knows that she is invariably outvoted 3-1 on the buffet issue. So she told me to find one. Since this will be our 10th anniversary, I tried ‘Mount Washington’. They claimed that they have been fully booked for 8 weeks. Bully for them. I wasn’t heartbroken.

So, after flirting with a couple of places in Jackon, NH (and we had spent Thanksgiving there in 2004), I was back to the Sheraton in Portsmouth.

You would never guess it from this picture but I was deathly ill that day, in 2010! They were trying to kill me again at Dartmouth Hitchcock (Concord). I had begged for antibiotics. They said I was fine. I had coughed so hard the night before, I cracked a rib. But, I am kind of used to cracked ribs and broken bones. And no I was not on any pain killers other than my usual aspirin. The next day they had me get a Cat-Scan (for $3,900) and put me at once on antibiotics. That is Dartmouth Hitchcock, at least in how they treat me. Click to ENLARGE.

The food is OK. They do have some variety. Their dessert table makes up for all sins. It is, or at least it was in 2010, divine.

This says it all about their desserts. Skip the meal. Just eat the desserts. There is a saying as such isn’t there: “Life is uncertain. Eat the dessert first.” This is also from 2010. Click to ENLARGE.

Of course, I will share with you our experience post Turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving. Cheers.

Alton Central School (ACS), NH: Family Thanksgiving Lunch Today — A Huge Success. Thank You.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

As far as I know (and we have had kids going there since 2007), today’s free, ‘family’ (parents, guardians, grandparents or relatives) Thanksgiving Lunch with the kids was an unalloyed success. Bravo. Thank you. The ACS Food Services Group is outstanding. They do miracles with the limited resources they get. Very nice bunch of folks too. Always a pleasure to get a meal from them.

Deanna was instrumental in getting ACS to adopt the ‘Take A Loved One For Lunch’ day. I think that got started last year or year before. I have been to all the ones they have had. Those have also been unmitigated successes. I went on my own this year, in October. Deanna had to take Devanee to her stage performance class.

So, this is just to say a BIG THANK YOU to the hardworking folks in the ACS Food Services Group. Thank You.

It wasn’t exactly this, but since I like to masquerade as a Red Indian, though I didn’t wear any red today, this is how I felt.

Ice Cream On Friday At Alton Central School (ACS), NH.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Let me first state my concern, as I see it, and then work backwards from there.

From what I can see (and get told) there are kids at ACS who for whatever reason do not have access to the 50 cents required to get these Friday afternoon ice creams thus creating what I consider to be an unnecessary and uncalled for ‘have and have nots‘ scenario — furthermore doing this in the last session of the school week so that the ‘have nots’ have the whole weekend to cogitate about it.

Ice creams for nearly all kids is a very visceral, emotive thing especially if they are not getting it while others around them are. To them it is a punishment, a major deprivation.

What I am hoping to do is to find a mechanism whereby we do not create this ‘have and have nots’ situation each Friday.

Yes, I know, very well to my cost, that life is not fair and equitable, and to Deanna’s constant chagrin I tell the kids about this on a regular basis because in my opinion they might as well come to terms with this as soon as possible. But, this does not mean that I want all kids to learn, at an early age, that life is not fair and for them to learn that bitter lesson through not being able to buy ice cream.

So how did this issue come to ahead. I gave Teischan a dollar bill last week (after I talked her doctor into making her have a blood test for allergies) to buy ice cream. Deanna had told her on Friday morning to use the dollar bill, get the 50 cents change and save that for next week. One of her kids in her class, that we do know (and know her parents quite well), according to Teischan badgered and pestered her to have the 50 cents so that she could also get an ice cream. I am delighted that Teischan gave her the 50 cents. That is my daughter. [That is upset her, we put down to her being 6.]

My issue is WHAT would have happened if Teischan did not have 50 cents to give to this 6 year old child?

I see a couple of ways we can try to fix this.

What I do not know is whether this ice cream is covered by the subsidized/free school lunch program. I also know that we do have a program to collect money for those kids that do get ‘subsidized/free’ school lunches to tide them over the weekends when they don’t get a school meal. Basically we need some kind of program to make sure that all kids at ACS that want ice cream and are permitted to have ice cream, it sans health issues, can have the ice cream WITHOUT the 50 cents being an issue.

I know the PTSA raises all sorts of money for various activities. Didn’t they spend $3,000 on some new equipment for the play ground?

Option 1: The PTSA should find a way to eliminate the 50 cent issue. Yes, I understand the issues and the logistics but they are not insurmountable.

Option 2: SCRAP the ice cream on Friday program. While I appreciate that it is a nice way to wrap up the week, the program we have does not reward all. For health reasons alone ice cream may not be the ideal treat. I am not sure that having ice cream on Friday in any way improves the academic standards at ACS. If the staff at ACS genuinely believe that the kids have to be given something sweet on Friday lets shoot for yogurt or fruits or both. Maybe cheaper. I bet if you substituted some other means of fun, live entertainment or a PIXAR 4 minute video, the kids may not miss the ice cream.

Yes, IF I had the money I would pay for the kids to have ice cream on Friday. I am sure if the Principal feels that oral gratification is the best reward for the kids at ACS we can find some sort of sponsorship deal in Town.

All I am asking is that, as with the seating in Grade 1, that we look at this issue.