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‘Capital City Pawnbrokers’, Laconia — In The Old MacDurgin Building On Union Ave. Lot Of Interesting Stuff. Good Prices.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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Of course I have been meaning to go in and check them out ever since they opened — a few years ago. But, we never seemed to have the time. Whenever we were in Laconia we were on ‘a mission’.

This morning, for a change, after I had done my presentation at the Taylor Community, just up the road, I was not in any mad hurry. But, Deanna wasn’t with me. Nonetheless, I stoped.

I am glad I did.

An Aladdin’s Cave of interesting, well priced stuff.

I was impressed.

Got to meet the owner David Byer.

[[ What a name, ‘Byer’, for a pawn shop proprietor! I only checked the business card, and saw the name, when I got home. Next time I will have to kid him about it and find out whether it is truly real or a ‘stage name’ for Laconia. But, I notice his daughter uses that too — so it might be real.]]

David Byer: very nice guy. Good, shrewd businessman. Knows what he is doing. But, at the same time he wants to do right by his customers.

I was impressed.

I bought a few things.

A bull in a china store has nothing on me in a pawn or consignment store.

I am the impulse buyer’s impulse buyer. I just buy stuff that catches my eye — the more esoteric the better.

Definite Recommendation.

If you are within 66 miles of Laconia, N.H., make a point of checking out this store.

You will not be disappointed.

I sang the praises of the ‘Laconia Antique Center’ just over a year ago.

Obviously different paradigms, BUT you will LIKE Dave’s prices much better — not that the ‘Antique Center’ prices are that bad.

Kind of funny to go back into that building. What used to be my office area is now curtained off — and I could see a few motorbikes in there!

What used to be the PALATIAL Executive Suites, up the steps,
and I was only allowed to go up there by appointment (typically with 72 hours notice), is now a showroom!
All the glass is gone.
Cracked me up.

They do have a Facebook page.


I didn’t bother with the ‘Smoke Shop’.

Not my thing. I understand why they would have it in there. It probably makes more money than the rest of the store.

To me, that was the only downer … but then again 99.99% of Laconians wouldn’t have a problem with it (which is why I don’t live in Laconia).

A Sex Shop In Laconia, N.H., At The MacDurgin Building? Cracked Me Up. I Was ‘Employed’ There A Decade Ago.



 ..by Anura Guruge

Click to access the Tuesday, June 18, 2013, 'The Laconia Daily Mail' edited by the Mayor-presumptive of Laconia, NH.

Click to access the Tuesday, June 18, 2013, ‘The Laconia Daily Mail’ edited by the Mayor-presumptive of Laconia, NH.

Given that it was the lead story it was hard to miss. I saw it around 8:20 am this morning, while (of course) still lying in bed, with my cup of coffee in one hand. I was lucky that I did not (yet again) spill it all over the bed to earn Deanna’s ire.

As soon as I saw ‘570’ I kind remembered, even before I got to the ‘MacDurgin building’ part, that this was my old stomping ground.

Suffice to say it cracked me up. I will, in honor of all those that allegedly labored there for decades, I will refrain from saying I ‘worked’ there. But, I was kind of employed by them for about 15 months (I think), from 2002 — 2003, as their “Chief Bottle Washer” — or at least that is what it said on my MacDurgin business cards. To be fair, at least during the time I was there, there wasn’t that many bottles to wash.

There was never a ‘Mr.’ or for that matter ‘Mrs.’ or even ‘Ms.’ MacDurgin. It is a concocted name. I am not even sure whether the business is still operational. I kind of had heard that the ‘Mac’ part of it passed away a few years ago. He would whole heartedly have approved though his dear wife, one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met, might have had some concerns to begin with, though I had come to realize that she was amazingly resilient, open minded and had a wicked sense of humor.

Wow, a sex shop on the premises would have been great when I was there. I would have had more bottles to wash. Would have definitely increased the foot traffic into the building.

I still remember a great call. A lady had walked in and was talking to that delightful ‘Mrs. Mac’. As was invariably the case if I wasn’t busy washing bottles she called me over to ‘help’ — especially since I sat, in the open, very close to her.

The lady that had walked in was asking for a ‘USP’ for her daughter’s computer. Took me a second. Then I asked, do you mean a ‘UPS’? And she immediately beamed and said: ‘Yes, that is it. She want a UPS’ — an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Since UPSs are differentiated by capacity I asked what kind of computer her daughter would be using with the UPS. She said a LAPTOP! Cracked me up. I had to explain to her that a laptop does not need a UPS (assuming it had a working battery). She assured me that her daughter’s battery (in the laptop) was fine. So I sent her on her way without an UPS. Another sales I didn’t make for MacDugin. No wonder they fired me.

As for the Sex Shop, I have to say, with regret, that even I, one of the most liberal folks when it comes to such matters, can see insurmountable issues. As far as I can recall there is an apartment building, with kids as is invariably the case in Laconia, that basically shares the parking lot with McDurgin. That would, should be, a problem. A shame. That whole building, if not for its central location, has great potential as a sex shop. Of course with any building as such you hear many stories of past escapades — especially since there used to be quite a few wags there in my time. Don’t know how true they were. One even marked a square on my desk, with tape, supposedly to commemorate one of his many conquests — and would come over, most days, to tap on it with a big grin on his face. Since we sold office furniture all our desks were kept clean, so I really had no qualms about what took place on my desk when I was busy washing bottles. It was all good fun.

Anyway, this story made my day.

Gunstock Inn, Gilford, NH — Sold Again. Second Time In The Last 10 Years.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Our wedding, with “Anu’s Piper”.

We used to have a kind of emotional attachment to ‘the Inn’ given that we got married there on January 1, 2003.

It worked out well for us. We got married, to the day, 6 weeks after meeting online. So we didn’t have much time. I was working for MacDurgin in Laconia and the ‘Inn’ was a customer. So I had got to know the owner, when I delivered stuff, help set up printers and quoted them for various computer systems for the Health Club.

The restaurant, at that time, and going back a few years, was quite good. They used to do a nice Sunday brunch. My son, Matthew, liked their brunch. We used to frequent the restaurant a fair amount. The Chef did us proud! All together it went well.

I kind of knew the then ‘recent’ history. A couple from MA had bought it, when he, a longtime UPS employee, did good when UPS went public in the mid-1990s. Then, they got divorced. She ended up with the place. Following 2001 things were tight and she wanted out. It was hard (for all). In addition to the wedding I organized a few other events at the ‘Inn’ around that time frame for Laconia Rotary and MacDurgin. I kind of got fed up getting ‘nickeled and dimed‘ after we had agreed on ‘terms’. Silly, crazy stuff, but I would get these frantic calls at night demanding ‘another $17’ when I had already agreed to pay $960 (and would have paid a round $1,000 in the first place, if I had been asked that to begin with)! It was a shame. Had a bit of that with the wedding (like getting charged for rooms he didn’t want or use), but I just paid up. I was glad that it was sold.

Since we liked the place we tried to go to the restaurant whenever we could and was hoping to establish a tradition of going there for our anniversary, each year, on January 1.

In the Summer of 2003, right before Bike Week, the chef left in a huff. I was very upset. He was a good guy. Good chef.

I know we went there on January 1, 2004. The restaurant changed hands so many times after that, that we just gave up.

We got invited to a pool party somewhere around 2005 – 2006. I was shocked at the mold and mildew in the changing rooms. I told Deanna that I wouldn’t be going back — and I haven’t. Deanna took the kids to another pool party during the last 18 months. I asked her about the mold and mildew. It was still there, though she said that it looked like they had tried to clean up.

Just now, before I started writing this I did a quick Google of the ‘Inn’. Saw reviews on ‘Trip Advisor‘. I do use them sometimes. So I looked them up. Cracked me up. There was a review from September 2012 talking about ‘mold and mildew’! That is a shame. The 2 couples, ‘brother-and-sister’ (or similar), with missionary backgrounds, that bought the place might have been over their heads. They had no hospitality background. So, it could be 3rd time lucky for the ‘Inn’. I would like to see the restaurant make a come back. So I am rooting for the ‘Inn’.

Click to access ‘Trip Advisor’ and the reviews.