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Germany’s PROPOSED Mandatory Dog Walking Law — My Take, As A Fervent Dog Walker.

by Anura Guruge


I love it especially because I encounter it, first hand, at least TWICE A DAY. That is how often I walk my dogs — without fail. They go out, play in the yard etc. etc., BUT they get TWO PROPER walks each & every day. Well every time I take them out we encounter the dog next door. Fairly big, healthy, male dog. He is kept in with an invisible fence (though he has escaped a few times). IF he is lucky he gets walked ONCE every TWO MONTHS! That is BLOODY WRONG. That is criminal. Makes me mad. But, nothing I can do. Their pathetic excuse would be that they have a big yard & the dog can run around. Not the same as a WALKIE.

Walking is also a bond. That PACK animal thing. Walking is going out with the pack. Yes, that I have two dogs reinforces that.

I would love to see mandatory dog walking laws over here.

But, it has to be on a SLIDING SCALE.

One size will not fit all.

Yes, my dogs could walk 1-hour a day. They used to walk 2-hours a day.

But, now I have cut back because Maya — at 9 — is getting OLD. 1 hour, especially in the heat, would just about be her limit, & I see no point of subjecting her to that.

So, the ‘length’ per day has to be based on AGE, size & health. Yes, you might have to get a WAIVER from a vet.

But, a GREAT start. I am happy. Something that I can applaud from Germany. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

Connecticut Becomes First U.S. State To Mandate Bidets In All New Homes, Post 2020, For Health Reasons.

by Anura Guruge

It is mandated in this new code that was ratified this month and goes into effect January 1, 2020.

Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use this link for the original: http://www.bidet.org

Correct placement. It needs to be fairly close to the toilet to prevent ‘drippage’!,

Very fancy, streamlined — and of course MATCHING — versions from KOHLER. Click to ENLARGE.

I am ALL in FAVOR. About bloody time …

I grew up with bidets. Had them in Ceylon in 1956! The house that I grew up in, newly built, had bidets in each of the two bathrooms on the main, living floor. So, that was what I was used to,

I applaud Connecticut. The health benefits are innumerable and you don’t waste — and WASTE IT IS — all that paper.

Doubt whether we will ever see New Hampshire insisting on them in my lifetime.

IF I ever had a house built I would definitely have bidets. So civilized and so soothing.

I will not go into the etiquette of how men should use them, though it has to be said that the temptation to use them as a handy urinal, with NO SEAT to lift up, is hard to resist.

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by Anura Guruge

Teen Driver’s Ed In New Hampshire — Making It More Affordable.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
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by Anura Guruge

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Jack’s Driving School‘, out of Deerfield, is the ONLY option offered
in Alton 
— i.e., Prospect Mountain High School.


Click to ENLARGE and view here. Note that Prospect at $625 is the highest price quoted. Websites with glaring — and hard-to-miss- typos like this scares me. IF they are that careless how well will they take care of my kids?



I would think they could DONATE slightly more than this given the $625 per student charge. Click to ENLARGE.

Just as I suspected Alton is paying TOP DOLLAR. A FULL $100 cheaper in Manchester.
I did NOT look any further.

$100 to a teenager or even for most adults in NH is a BIG difference.


Click to ENLARGE and study here. Granite State Driving School. http://www.granitestatedrivingschool.com/

Until this past Sunday I really was NOT aware that the High Cost of teenage Driver’s Ed (also called Driver Training in this scenario) was precluding teenagers in New Hampshire from getting a driver’s license prior to them turning 18. I just had not run into that situation.

Last Sunday I was talking to a 16 year old and asked him why he did not have a license as yet given that Devanee had been reminding me for a YEAR that she will be getting her license as close to her 16th birthday as possible. Though she only turned 15 in October we are already looking for a car for her (because she is not going to learn to drive in her 1968 MGB).

So I was shocked and saddened when he told me that he (nor his parents) had the money to pay for his Driver’s Ed. and that this was a mandatory prerequisite if you were under 18.

1/ I had not realized that driver’s ed., in New Hampshire, is MANDATORY if you are under 18. No waivers. You can’t just do the $50 online course.

2/ I had not realized that driver’s ed., at $625, is expensive and that the total costs comes close to $700.

3/ I had not realized that there were kids who were being deprived of the chance to drive because they couldn’t afford driver’s ed.

It really shook me up. I know how important it is for people to get a driver’s license. I couldn’t wait till I could get mine.

That price was an impediment really upset me because of the Catch 22. These kids could make money, EASIER, if they had a license and could drive to work.

Well, in the case of this boy, though I had just met him, I fixed the problem. I am going to give him the money for driver’s ed. He can pay me back, interest free, IF and WHEN he can. I will not hold him to it. It is basically a present from I to him.

But that is just one boy. There must be others.

I have been thinking. I am going to TRY and pay for at least two kids a year — not counting my kids. That is the goal. So I will try and pay for another kid in 2016.

But that again isn’t enough.

We need a bigger program. A fund or a scholarship program. We need to try and help kids get their licenses. As it happened I was talking to the ‘Promotions Manager’ at Fidelity, in the Nashua (NH) office, and happened to mention this. I need to follow up.

So just bringing this to your attention. This is not good.