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The Smashed Donald Trump Monument Marker In Concord, New Hampshire.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the full, original story from Patch.com.

Click to access the NH1.com coverage. NOTE that pictures is from ‘NH State Library’.

I was surprised to read about this on multiple fronts.

First and foremost it is NOT something you would expect in, or from, Concord, New Hampshire. I kind of have a hunch that this was an outside job. As always I will start off by pointing the finger at some flatlander from Massachusetts. Lot of them up here right now. You trip over them wherever you go in New Hampshire in the Summer.

The second this that confounded me was that I had never, ever heard of this ‘Primary Winner’ markers. I am no stranger to Concord nor the State Library. I visited it just a few months ago. Yes, I will confess that when I visit, I am a man on a mission. I go straight up the stairs …. I don’t dilly, dally and wonder around. But, I have done a fair amount of walking in that area. Never seen this. I will be in Concord at least twice next week. Trust me I am going to go investigate.

Obviously they will replace the marker. Just seems rather un-New Hampshire like. I should know. I have lived here for over 33-years.

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by Anura Guruge

Kudos To Gunstock Mountain Resort, Gilford (N.H.) For Their FREE Ski Binding Adjustment For Non-Rental Skis

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.gunstocklogo

Anura Guruge

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P1090427Devanee has been skiing on a regular basis for the last few years. I think I got her started at Gunstock many years ago, but of late she goes with the school — and weather permitting, in April, I will take her with me for the day (given that in my old age I really have become a confirmed warm weather skier).

She likes her skiing, which is good, though she still hasn’t got to the point of skiing like a ‘Guruge‘.

I used to get her to rent her stuff. But, with her skiing more and more the economics of this was getting debatable. So in early December we went to a ski sale in Wolfeboro, at the Kingswood School, and bought her skis, boots and a helmet. Since I am anxious that she starts skiing like a ‘Guruge‘ as soon as possible I got her a pair of rather aggressive, heavily-waisted Völkl racing skis with decent Marker bindings. She, being the young lady she is, chose the boots — more for the looks and comfort rather than performance.

That is me in the Green, at Loon, last March.

She had her first ski outing, with the school, yesterday. So on Tuesday I realized that I had to get the bindings taken care of. I didn’t want to mess with them because if she broke her ankle Deanna would be convinced that it was because I hadn’t adjusted the bindings right. Plus despite my obsession, in years past, with skiing, I never used to do my own bindings. So, we needed to find a place to get the bindings done.

I thought that we would start with Gunstock, given that they do have a ski shop. I was, of course, willing to pay for the service.

But, it was FREE. That was pretty cool. I was impressed. Bravo, Gunstock.