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James & Lizette Eckert, Alton (NH) Shooting Victims: Vital Data Culled From Excellent ‘Boston Globe’ Article.

by Anura Guruge

Data culled from this “Boston Globe” article.

Long article. So, I am summarizing some of the key data so you can get a snapshot.

But, please read the original if you have the time. It is very good & informative.

Click image to access the original post.


♦ Met at ‘Palmer College of Chiropractic‘ in Iowa.

♦ Got married in 1997. [He would have been 26, she 28. No details of prior relationships, children or where they came from.]

♦ Established ‘Innate chiropractic’ in South Portland in 1998. [There is also, coincidentally or otherwise, an ‘Innate Chiropractic’ in Iowa.]

♦ Owned a ‘big house’ on a lake in Gray, Maine — the lake being ‘Little Sebago Lake’.


♦ One biological child, a daughter (born before 2010, probably around 2004).

♦ Adopted two boys (NOT twins) from a Russian orphanage in 2010 via ‘KidsFirst Adoption’ agency in Indiana.. The youngest, the 11-year old shooter, would have been 2-years old at the time. The older brother was probably 4 or 5.

They violated Russian adoption rules, which require mandatory yearly updates, by ceasing to send such reports after the third year. 


♦ Believed to have had, c. 2010, $100,000 in credit card debts & $250,000 in student loans.

But, had not stopped them from buying a boat, a timeshare and a Mercedes Benz camper.

Legal Woes

♦ 2009 IRS audit on ‘Innate chiropractic’ that resulted in the IRS asking for $100,000+ in payments.

They contested the IRS in court.

♦ August 2011: With battle with IRS ongoing they file for bankruptcy: over $2 million in liabilities, just $600,000 in assets.

♦ March 2012: Stopped paying mortgage.

♦ July 2012: Dismissed bankruptcy proceedings. Not going as they had hoped. They were now liable for all of their ever mounting debt.

Move to Alton

♦ Late 2012: They abscond from their Gray, Maine house (with its unpaid mortgage) at night — taking with them, among other things, the water heater from the house.

♦ Farmhouse, at 76 Dobbins Way, Alton, where the shooting took place, was supposedly built-in 1770. It sits on 19-acres.

It was purchased in October 2012 for $140,000 — supposedly by Lizette Eckert’s father.

♦ Lizette started working for ‘Sanctuary Bodyworks and Sauna‘ in Pittsfield, NH, as a chiropractor.

♦ James ran a chiropractic business, from home, in Alton, called “The Big Idea“. [I can’t find any details about it or whether he was licensed to practice in New Hampshire.]

UPDATE: His NH license supposedly lapsed in 2015. Possibly her’s too. Check this April 11, 2019 post.

Click here to access my last post.

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by Anura Guruge

Think – Today: Would Famous 20th Century Scientist, Like Einstein, Been More Productive If They Had Google?

by Anura Guruge


alberteinYou have to admit it is one heck of thing to think about? Seeing a photo of people using the old card index system in a library got me thinking about this. Would make a great high school debate proposition. So what do YOU think?

Think first, then research, then THINK again. Think for the pleasure of thinking.

Yesterday’s ‘Think’: “Celibacy vs. chastity” — Yes, most people think that these two words refer to the same thing, i.e., abstinence from sex. That is, however, not the case. Per the Catholic Church, an authority on such matters for millennia, the correct word for describing somebody who is not having sex is ‘continence’. Celibacy refers to the state of being unmarried (or unattached). Chasity, on the other hand, deals with sexual ‘purity’ — let’s call that ‘fidelity’. You can be married, have sex with your partner and be chaste. Hence the belt to keep you pure. Aren’t you glad you know know. {SMILE}

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by Anura Guruge

Where Amelia Earhart (The ‘Missing Pilot’) Got Married — In Noank, Connecticut.

by Anura Guruge

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

Taken during our Wednesday, August 17, 2016
sunset cruise on the schooner ‘Argia‘,
off Mystic, Connecticut
with my rented Nikon D500.

Attribution WILL be enforced.

The white building, on the waterfront in Noank, in February 1931, was the house of Amelia’s new mother-in-law. Her husband was George Putnam a (divorced) book publisher and publicist who had helped her during the start of her aviation career.

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by Anura Guruge

PBS Special “The Secrets of Saint John Paul” — My Take.

by Anura Guruge


Click to access PBS Webpage and view full episode.


Click to access Wikipedia entry for Anna Teresa Tymieniecka.

First and foremost there are two things wrong with the TITLE of this PBS special. The title for the pope is dead WRONG! He is “Saint Pope John Paul II” or “Pope Saint John Paul II“. It is important that ‘Pope’ is in the title along with Saint. Plus, and this is important, he is NOT, and I REPEAT, NOT “John Paul”. He is, was and will always be “John Paul II“. There is another Pope John Paul who will one day be a Saint. They actually got this pope’s name dead wrong too! When talking about his election in 1978, and then Cardinal Karol Jzef Wojtyla paying his homage to the new pope, they referred to the pope as “John Paul”. NO. He was NEVER, EVER “John Paul”. From the moment he accepted the papacy he was “John Paul I”. These are small but important things that PBS should have got right.

Then the title claims “secrets” — in plural. But from what I can see this program is all about his relationship with Polish Anna Teresa Tymieniecka (who by the way had a Hanover, New Hampshire connection). The program tries to insinuate that it was a platonic relationship with no physical element. But there is no proof either way. Plus popes are notorious for their scandalous very intimate relationship with women, married women as well, over the millennia. So in the scheme of things this is not such a big deal.

What would have been more interesting is the oft stated belief that the Pope was a widow or a divorcee! He supposedly having been married, young, ahead of WW II.

So bit of a disappointing and tedious program. Just one SECRET and it is not that intriguing unless there is proof that she was actually his mistress in the accepted connotation of such relationships. 

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by Anura Guruge

New Hampshire ‘Interest and Dividends Tax’ (I&D) — Easiest Way To Calculate Is To Use e-file NH.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access the relevant NH State e-file option.

logo-efileI saw this morning, on this blogs ‘search strings’, that somebody wanted to know how to calculate New Hampshire ‘Interest and Dividends Tax‘ (I&D).

IF you, like I, are one of the ‘chosen’ that have to pay this tax it is rather easy to calculate. 5% of ALL interest and dividends declared on your IRS 1040 after a $4,800 exemptions for marrieds or $2,400 for singles. There are other exceptions too if you are disabled, blind etc.

But the quickest and easiest way to do is to use the FREE New Hampshire e-file option available from the N.H. State, i.e., nh.gov, Website. Go to RESIDENTS >> >> TAXES >> >> INTEREST & DIVIDENDS TAX. Click on ‘tax’ and look for the e-file logo (as shown here).

Just bang in your social, give them your e-mail, create a 4-digit PIN and Bob is your uncle. You are ready to rock and rumble. Very easy to use. Does the calculations for you and it is e-file. One-stop shopping. I have successfully used NH e-file for years. On Tuesday I breezed through with my 2015 filing in less than 3 minutes. Start to finish. Done. Getting a refund!

So go for it. Don’t even THINK of anything else. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

We Were Randomly Picked For The U.S. Census, Mandatory, ‘American Community Survey’ — Fancy That?


Click to access official U.S. ‘.gov’ page for ACS.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge


Yes, fancy that. Just like how I would get randomly picked, 100% of time, for the 2nd security pat down at the gate, when flying after 9/11. Yep. Real coincidence.

It was as with the 2010 U.S. Census. I think they came around a dozen times and I am sure they secretly videotaped us. “Wow, a non-white guy, this far NORTH in New Hampshire and he claims that he evens owns a house”. We have to document this and keep tabs on him. Well, it wasn’t as bad as I first moved to New Hampshire in 1986 and moved to a rural community, which prior to my arrival, had been 100% white for 200 years. In 1997 I was told by a lady, in Meredith, that I was the FIRST NON-WHITE person that her 9-year old daughter had ever seen!

Yep, picked at random. Look. Look. A flying pig.

The survey is dead keen to know three things.

1/ Whether you have ANY Latino in you and IF so how you got here. I am not kidding. They are paranoid as to whether you might have some Latino in you. WOW.

2/ Whether you have health insurance and how you got it.

3/ How much money you make and how you make it.

Talk about intrusive and blatant. I bet Republicans will love this. Jee, they ask DIG. Surprised that they didn’t ask me about my sex life.

But they, probably because of ‘Mittens‘, also seem very anxious to determine whether you are bigamist. They ask you all these questions as to whether you are (during the last 12 months) married, divorced, widowed etc and do it in such a way that it sure looks like they are trying to trip you up. Also wants to know how many times you have been married. I JUST managed to creep in under the wire.

Not a fun survey. Very scary. But I did it. I had no option. I know they would come and get me IF I didn’t respond. Said so on the envelope. Looked like it was scrawled in blood. “This is the LAW. You better respond IF you know what is good for you”.

Just a heads up.

Sri Lanka: Birth Certificate From 1953 & A Birth ‘Chit’ From 1960.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
by Anura Guruge


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Click to ENLARGE.

This is my birth certificate (hospital mix up, that made me also “The Other Son”, notwithstanding). It was issued on September 15, 1953 — 9 days after the day of birth. Actually, if you want to be pedantic, it is a certified copy made on January 3, 1959 — probably when I was ready to go to school. Wonder what happened to the original.

Note some very interesting things:

1. It was issued at a office in “Slave Island“! (That is at the top.) Yes, that was a fairly well known part of Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

2. It asks for the race — Sinhalese — of each parent.

3. It asks whether the parents were married.

4. It asks for father’s “rank or profession”. Mine says “Assistant Secretary to the Prime Minister“. [This is why the first car I was ever in was a Rolls Royce! The Prime Minister’s car. He lent it to my father, with the official driver, to bring me home from hospital — safety — given that there was some communal disturbance going on in Colombo.

5. The hospital mix up happened at the “Private General Hospital“, Colombo 7 — which is a rather ‘exclusive’ part of town.

6. The ‘tattooed’ “IBM WIN 06” denotes that I must have made this copy while working for IBM (at Hursley, the ‘Win’ indicating Winchester, the nearest city — while the ’06’ was the number of this copying machine. IBM had this ‘id’ engraved on the glass so that it could keep track of copies that were made!).

Click to ENLARGE.

This is a Birth ‘chit’ — issued by a midwife to certify the birth. The birth certificate would have come later. This is not mine. It is for my new friend, from Sri Lanka, who went to the same school as me, Ananda College, Udeni Wijegunaratne. He is a lawyer. We were talking about my birth certificate and he sent this over (and gave me permission to post it). You can make out his mother’s name.

It is hard to make out at the top because it is ripped but he was born at the “De Soyza Lying in Home“. That is SO British — Victorian era. “Lying in Home” for pregnant women. How brilliant. I remember that term. Weight of the placenta? Wow. I notice it is not filled in. 

I guess you have worked out what I am doing. I am preserving these documents for posterity.

Gunstock Inn, Gilford (N.H.) Reopens Under New Owners — The Same Folks Who Own Lazy E Motor Inn & Bear Tree Lodge. Hurrah!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access 'Union Leader' coverage.

Click to access ‘Union Leader’ coverage.

Wedding 103We happened to drive by there this afternoon and saw the sign that they were open — and that the restaurant and fitness center would be opening soon.

There were even some cars.

When we got home I Googled and found the above in the ‘Union Leader’.

That the new owners are the same as those that own the Lazy E makes us very happy. They, Les and Linda Shuster, are very nice people — as I have already said in this post and this.

Les and Linda Shuster, in 2007, gave us a fantastic suite, with Wi-Fi, when we were homeless. For that we will always be grateful and sing their praises. What is ironic is that the previous owners of the Gunstock Inn, though we frequented their restaurant, refused to help us out. So the worm has turned.

That Les and Linda Shuster were looking at the Inn was well known and previously reported.

This is great.

As most of my posts on the Inn will mention the Inn is special for us. That is where we got married, at 3 pm, on January 1, 2003.

Now that we know that Les and Linda own it, we will stop by. I see that they want to promote the Inn for weddings. They can use all of our pictures (even if they have to Photoshop me and put somebody else’s head on my exotic tux). Deanna looked great.