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Apple Picking 2019 At “Appleview Orchard”, Pittsfield, New Hampshire — October 11, 2019.

by Anura Guruge

NO post-processing whatsoever.

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Attribution WILL be enforced.

Going apple picking at our ‘local’ (about 7 miles away) ‘Appleview Orchard‘ is a much cherished, must-do annual ritual — which we have faithfully adhered to for at least the last 7-years. Maybe more. Just do a search on ‘Appleview‘ and you will see all the posts, with tons of pictures, from prior years. You will recognize the various points of interest and maybe even notice that my pictures have got slightly better — mainly because I have upgraded lenses and cameras over that time.

Last year we went early — in September. Mid-October, however, is our usual time. This year, for the first time, we did NOT go on a weekend. We have a busy October and Friday was a school holiday in Alton. While we knew that we would miss all the weekend activity, i.e., music, hayrides and apple fritters, we also knew it would be less crowded!

Well, full disclosure. This year, for the first time, we didn’t pick any apples. We bought some and I will confess, that as is my wont, I picked and ate one from a tree — but, I know that Dennis & Mary (the lovely owners) wouldn’t expect anything less from I. [Yes, I did have a long chat with Dennis but didn’t tell him I ate an apple! He knows. We ‘know’ each other.] SMILE. We are cool.

That, permanently borrowed apple, is ALL I ate! The days of me eating 36 apple fritters, 6 servings of apple crisp and a gallon of ice cream, ALAS, are long gone. But, Deanna and Teischan had their customary ice cream and I later found out that a whoopie pie was involved too. I just got in my steps and took pictures.

The farm looks GRAND. Gets better every year. Beautiful foliage.

They are having their ‘AppleFest’ this weekend. Please go. You will love it.


From 2012. WOW. They were YOUNG
and I was HUGE
(thanks to all those apple fritters and ice cream).

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by Anura Guruge


Roadside Memorial, At The Alton ‘Circle’, For Motorcycle Victim ‘Gary Murphy’.

by Anura Guruge

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This memorial, replete with two full-size plastic chairs, was installed at the ‘Circle’ yesterday, i.e., June 2, 2018. By far the most elaborate and extensive Roadside Memorial in Alton — and we have a few. I gather it was done by ‘Mary’, the owner of Alton’s uber-successful ‘JP China‘ Chinese restaurant. It appears that ‘Gary Murphy’ was her brother-in-law.

I did not know him. But, given that he is supposed to have operated the new Alton car wash the chances are that I have met/seen him since I have used that car wash a number of times.

The Alton ‘Circle’ is BIG and the vegetated center is in a hollow. So as you can see from some of the pictures, this roadside memorial is in that large hollow. But, it is visible from the road.

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by Anura Guruge

Flowers Of “Appleview Orchard”, Pittsfield, New Hampshire — October 14, 2017.

by Anura Guruge

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We went to ‘Appleview Orchard‘, to pick apples, as we have done every October, for the last 6-years. It is a fun place and extremely picturesque — in multiple dimensions. I always look forward to taking pictures in addition to communing with the apples.

In addition to apples, pumpkins and all things associated with apples, the owners, Dennis and Mary, always makes sure that there plenty of floral treats. This year was no exception. So, I am sharing the flowers of ‘Appleview Orchard‘ with you. Enjoy.

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by Anura Guruge

Apple Picking At “Appleview Orchard”, Pittsfield, New Hampshire — October 14, 2017.

by Anura Guruge

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Attribution WILL be enforced.

We have been going to ‘Appleview Orchard‘, to pick apples, every fall, for the last 6-years, with relish — without fail. So, today was our 2017 outing, and as ever, it was fulfilling and rewarding — even if I abstained from eating a full apple fritter (let alone three). Over the years we have got to know the owners, Dennis and Mary, and it is always good to see them. It should also be mentioned that they have two links to this blog from their ‘Appleview Orchard’ Website.

We typically go slightly earlier in October BUT going mid-October was fine. Still a LOT of apples left on the trees and a tad less people. Beautiful day. Gorgeous to take pictures. I always look forward to that.

We had fun. Got a lot apples and two pumpkins. Teischan had her customary ice cream and apple fritters. So, it was a good afternoon out. I got a LOT of great pictures. {Smile}

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by Anura Guruge

‘National Geographic’ In December 2015 Issue, Featuring ‘Virgin Mary’, Includes Another Topless ‘Tribal’ Picture.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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December 2015 issue.


In the feature article about the Virgin Mary
“The World’s Most Powerful Woman” — pages 48 – 49.


Click to ENLARGE if you must.

This is the 4th topless picture that NatG has published in 2015.

All the females (as is invariably the case) have been highly tanned.
I, from old habits, call them ‘tribal’.
Interesting that I can’t remember seeing topless pictures
of pale skinned women. Not that I care.

Interesting that this picture actually was in the
Virgin Mary‘ article.

The prior two topless pictures appeared in the issue
featuring the pope.


As anybody familiar with this blog will know, have no compunctions about
female toplessness or nudity.

So I have no problems whatsoever about NatG.

If anything I am kind of glad.
As I mentioned in the very first post on this topic,
this to so many of us is NatG NOSTALGIA.
NatG used to have much, much more topless pictures
— albeit decades ago. All dusky ladies.
I know the first topless pictures I saw were in NatG
in the 1950s, when living in Ceylon.

IF you are wondering why I obliterated
the topless on two pictures shown here it had
NOTHING to do with censorship or prudity.
In those two pictures I am just NOT sure how old
the young ladies are!
Nudity/topless is one thing BUT I will not be party
to any that cross important ‘borders’.

This might be a last Hurrah now that conservative Fox News
own NatG.

Gallery of the National Geographic topless pictures since 2014.
Reverse chronological order.

Yes, I am indeed keeping count because NatG, for the longest time, due to some false sense of propriety, stopped printing pictures of topless tribal women — its well known hallmark, for long, in its ‘early days’.

As far as I can see these are #3 & #4 since January 2014 — though I might have missed some, despite my efforts to read each and every issue cover-to-cover. The prior two are at the very top of this post with links.

Have a chuckle. It is good for you.

Mary Had A Little Lamb, Actually Two, One White & One Black — At ‘Appleview Orchard’, Pittsfield, New Hampshire.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge

That is Mary, without her lambs, hiding at the back (right).

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“Appleview Orchard”, Pittsfield, New Hampshire,
is where we typically go, each Fall, for apple picking.
See links above.

Mary is the co-owner of this farm. Hence, Mary had a little lamb.

Click to ENLARGE.

Mary’s Golden, ‘Rusty’, herding ‘Ivory’ the white lamb.

8 second YouTube video. CUTE as can be.

Click to access 8 second YouTube video (shot from an iPhone, of course).

The farm is OPEN and selling ice cream and other stuff. Mary and the lambs are there, as is Rusty. Dennis, Mary’s husband, is there too. Go visit. Delightful place. Click here to access their Website.

We Went Apple Picking At ‘AppleView Orchard’ Pittsfield, NH — Colombus Day Monday, October 8, 2012.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

  by Anura Guruge

Click picture to have it ENLARGED to FULL SIZE.

Dennis Straight, Co-Owner of ‘AppleView’, a full-time pharmacist in Vermont and all around nice guy. He is there most weekends. Seek him out and talk to him. Lots of information. Lots of fun.

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Appleview Orchard Website.

It was a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours on a very typical Colombus Day Monday. Temperature in the low 60s was just right. It was cloudy, but not gloomy. Though we had lots of rain last night the ground was quite firm, so not mud to contend with. That is always a bonus.

The apples are getting picked, though there is a lot on the ground. I know that that gets picked up and used, but it distresses me. The apples, in general, were good.

The fritters, when hot, are divine. Make sure they are hot. If they are not, insist that you want freshly fried ones. They can palm off the cold ones to those that don’t read this blog.

We had, has we invariably do, bought 1/2 peck of apples at the Sandwich Fair (on Saturday). This year, the ‘Apple Tent’ (or at least the only one we know off, which is by the ‘Craft Buidling’), only had Jonamac apples: a cross between a Jonathan and McIntosh. The ‘kid’ who was selling them said they were combined the taste and sweetness of the McIntosh with the crispness of the Johnathan. Boy, was he right! So, I wanted more.

AppleView didn’t have any Jonamac but they had ‘Empire‘, a cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious. I tried one. They were good. They only had 6 Empire trees available for picking and there wasn’t much left. But, we managed to pick enough.

We bought 3 big bags of apples, 2 medium size pumpkins, a very small apple pie, a small ice cream and 12 apple fritters. Came to about $52. That is OK — I think. It was fun. The folks, especially Dennis, his wife (who works for UNH) and the Farm Manager (who always get the plumb job of driving a hay ride), are delightful. We had a good time. Teischan did her ‘I want to be difficult for the sake of being difficult’ act and got sent to the car sans ice cream. But, that is Teischan.

About Apple View Orchard
(per Dennis Straight)

Owners: Dennis (pharmacist) and Mary (UNH) Straight, who have owned it for the last 5 years. Prior to the 1980s it was a potato field.

Size: Main farm is 12 acres and they just got an additional 10 acres one mile up the road. So, 22 acres in total. In the 12 acre main farm they have 3,000 apple trees in 20 different varieties, some of them new ‘exotics’ they are experimenting with over the last couple of years.

They are growing other fruit trees, peaches, pears and cherries in the new 10 acres. They also have 3,000 strawberry plants.

Hannaford and Shaw’s supermarkets sell their apples.