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‘Moosehead Lake’, Maine, In Late April ‘Mud Season’ — Go For The Solitude, Expect Nothing Else.

by Anura Guruge

Having lived on or around ‘Lake Winnipesaukee‘, New Hampshire for 28-years, I had expected the twice-as-big ‘Moosehead Lake‘ in Maine to boast a similar lifestyle. I had always heard that it was hopping ‘year round’. Well, it sure does NOT hop or show much of any type of animation during the last weeks of April — the so called ‘Mud Season’.

We visited (and stayed at a timeshare) in Greenville, Maine — the gateway to ‘Moosehead Lake‘ & the North Country — for 5-days last week, April 23 – 27, 2019. It was my first visit to that area. I had done some Googling and located some interesting restaurants and places to spot moose. But, I was to be severely spoilt and disappointed.

What I had not checked was the population — in terms of people as opposed to moose — up there. I knew it was up there, close to the ‘tundra’ and that it was extremely rural and isolated.

I did not expect it to be dead!

On Tuesday night there was only one restaurant open, the ‘Stress Free Moose‘. It actually had good food, great service, wonderful folks and was rocking. Alas, though, it is primarily a heavy-duty bar with a few tables crammed in. My 13-year old daughter, a restaurant connoisseur, was not impressed nor amused. I liked it, but I do not enjoy not having any choice. I had hoped to eat at “Kelly’s Landing” but like so many other places they were only open Thursday to Sunday.

IF I had checked the human population I would have been better prepared. I had assumed that Greenville, on the southern tip of the Lake would be similar to Alton (where I live) which occupies that spot on Winnipesaukee. Alton’s year round population, however, is 4 times greater. If you include Wolfeboro, 11-miles away from Alton, the year round population in this neck of our Lake is 10 times greater. That, I came to realize, makes all the difference.

There is no Chinese in Greenville or from what I can deduce in Moosehead (town) nor Rockwood. No Chinese. I had never thought about it much, but I guess you can demark civilization based on the presence or absence of a Chinese. I won’t even mention Indian.

There are also NO fast food establishments! No McDonald’s, no Subway, no Dunkin Donuts, no Aroma Joes. I gather the Greenville McDonald’s closed at least a decade ago. How is that possible.

Moosehead Lake, from what I saw, does not have the kind of money that you see around Winnipesaukee or Bar Harbor (Acadia). Nowhere close to the number of multi-million dollar mansions on the water. Far, far less fancy, grand waterfront hotels.

Salubrious is not a word I would associate with the area.

It sure is empty, isolated and rustic.

Though we spent hours looking did not see any moose. Actually a noticeable dirth in wildlife. That we saw no deer was surprising.

This is not to say the trip was a bust. I enjoyed it. Not so much, my 13-year old.

I like solitude and it is pretty desolate up there. Some striking scenery though nothing very different to what we have seen in New England before.

They say that it really rocks in August. I can believe that. But, I think I will stick to Acadia.

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by Anura Guruge

Meditation For The Day — ‘ME’ By That I Mean ‘YOU’.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE, read and ponder.

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by Anura Guruge

Tax Day 2016 In New Hampshire: April 18 If In NH, April 19 If From MA or ME.

by Anura Guruge


2016 Tax Day, Federally, is NOT Friday, April 15, 2016,
as most people believe it to be.

It is actually on Monday, April 18, 2016 across the U.S.

That is because of the famous Washington D.C.
Emancipation Day” holiday.

It commemorates President Abraham Lincoln’s signing of the
“Emancipation Act” on April 16, 1862.
It is celebrated on April 16 each year, in D.C.

April 16, 2016 is a Saturday.

In 2016 D.C. is celebrating it on Friday, April 15.
So the D.C. IRS office is closed.

So Federal Tax day is Monday, April 18.

BUT, April 18 is “Patriots Day” in Massachusetts and Maine.
So they get till April 19.

In NH … it will depend on your filing address.

I called up Concord to get this straight.
I filed weeks ago. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

We Got Our Rescue Puppy From Kentucky, Braxton, The Beagle, Today. Very Slick & Smooth Operation. Kudos.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

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We picked him up in Kittery, Maine, at the ‘Welcome to Maine’ visitor center, off I-95, at noon — as promised and as hoped. No hitches. Very smooth. We were very impressed. Very slick, professional operation. More in a minute.

Sure is a beagle. Paperwork says ‘mixed’ — but they also say they don’t know exact date of birth of breed. I weighed him a few minutes ago (after he had his dinner at 4:30 pm). 5.6 pounds! He is LITTLE. Smallest dog I have ever had. Having had Goldens for 25 years I am not used to such a small dog. But, sure is cute.

Ate his dog food, mixed with warm skim milk. But prefers chicken and cheese. Likes yogurt too. All our dogs get yogurt at night (to match my yogurt eating habit, though I eat Greek, plain, low-fat). He will get chicken and cheese.

So here is the first set of pictures. Suffice to say all are delighted. Deanna will probably be taking 50 pictures a day.

Click on any of the pictures to ENLARGE them.

I found him on ‘Adopt-a-Pet‘ (via Petfinder) online, as I posted here, and spent 36 hours making sure I got him.

The NH contact and ‘Foster Home’ was Janice Berry, in Rochester. She was very good. Yes, I pestered her near daily, including this morning at 10:30, to make sure the puppy would arrive today. We highly recommend her. Phone number: 603-332-2965.

The actual agency appears to be ‘Butler County Animal Shelter’ in Kentucky.

The delivery operation by bus was very smooth. Very impressed.

This was so good that I am already talking about getting another one!

Some pictures of the dog drop off this noon in Kittery, Maine.

The ladies that drive the delivery bus take pictures of each puppy as it is handed over and then posts it on their Facebook page (quite quickly). Very impressive.

This is the picture they took of us.

Sept 28, 2013 Picking up Braxton our resue - adopted doggie

Don McLean, Mr. American Pie, July 4, 2013 At Portland, ME, ‘Stars and Stripes Spectacular’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click for the videos of Don McLean from Portland.

Don McLean (67), who now lives in Camden, ME (a delightful locale, for sure), sang ‘Vincent’ and ‘American Pie’, in two separate slots at the Portland spectacular last night.

He was brilliant. You could feel his presence. Gave me goosebumps when he started singing ‘American Pie’ — one of my all time favorites. Yes, of course, his voice is a bit raspy and the ‘so so‘ sound system made his guitar a tad too raspy. But it was still brilliant. He held an estimated 30,000(+) crowd transfixed, bar Teischan, who chose the middle of ‘American Pie’ to demand that she had to be taken to the porta potty! ‘American Pie’, obviously, does not resonate with 7 year olds though she likes music and apple pie.

We are delighted that we went. It really was a spectacular. Thank YOU, Portland. We will be back next year. If you can get Don to come back that would be real special.

All the pictures (bar the last 4 ) taken by Deanna on her
Panasomic Lumix DMC-Zs19.

Click to ENLARGE.

Definitely worth seeing in full-size. Enjoy.

Weather Looks Promising For Tonights July 3 Fireworks In Alton, NH & Tomorrow’s, July 4, Spectacular In Portland, ME With Don McLean.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Forecast for Alton, NH for the Wednesday, July 3, 2013 fireworks at ~9:15 pm at the Bay.


Portland, Maine forecast for tomorrow, 4th of July, 2013, the Concert starting at 7:40pm.

I have never seen Don McLean. I would like to see him. I gather that he lives in Maine now.

Checked the weather. Looks fairly promising.

We like Portland, ME, but we haven’t been for a very long time — these days our trips usually terminating at Ocean Park, ME.

So I am thinking of going. Portland is about 90 minutes from here.

But, this is definitely worth checking out. I haven’t been to a ‘real’ 4th of July celebration in many a long year (though as a Brit I, of course, have very mixed feeling about this).

Portland, Maine, July 4, 2013, Stars and Stripes Spectacular With ‘American Pie’ Don McLean.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge


Of course … click.



I have never seen Don McLean. I would like to see him. I gather that he lives in Maine now.

Checked the weather. Looks fairly promising.

We like Portland, ME, but we haven’t been for a very long time — these days our trips usually terminating at Ocean Park, ME.

So I am thinking of going. Portland is about 90 minutes from here.

But, this is definitely worth checking out. I haven’t been to a ‘real’ 4th of July celebration in many a long year (though as a Brit I, of course, have very mixed feeling about this).

With This Post I Claim ‘First Use Rights’ Of The Term ‘Infactrivs’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge


Of course there is a reason. There is (and has always been) a method to my madness.

I just want ‘first use right’ if this ever, ever came up (not that it really can because among other things book titles cannot be copyrighted!)

I did a Google & BING search just to be sure.

Beauty of today’s blogging. A WordPress post which is timestamped and preserved (forever by WordPress) is such a wonderful and totally free way to establish a claim.

With luck all will become clear soon. 

In the meantime try out the word. It really does roll off your tongue. Yes, ‘today’ (actually yesterday since it is now 1 am), it having been Deanna’s birthday, we went for a long walk on Old Orchard Beach, ME. This word came to my head while I was walking. The joys of befriending your brain.



Ocean Park, Maine, The Genteel Part Of Old Orchard Beach – Where We Went On Father’s Day.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Ocean Park, Maine, as shown in Google Maps satellite images — ‘X’ marks the spot where we sat. More or less same place as last year. Click to ENLARGE.

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This could, like going whale watching on my birthday in September, could become an annual family tradition — this one to do with Father’s Day.

Last year Deanna wanted to go to the beach, in Maine, for Father’s Day. So we set off for ‘Old Orchard‘ — that being the ‘closest’, acceptable beach to us in ME. However, while driving around, rather serendipitously, we stumbled upon ‘Ocean Park‘. Wow. The non-commercial side of ‘Old Orchard’. Suited us down to a ‘T’. So that is where we camped out for the day though later on in the afternoon, on the way home, we cruised through the commercial heart of ‘Old Orchard’.

We went again this Sunday, Father’s Day.

The weather was nowhere near as nice as it was last year. It was ‘warm’, but very overcast the ocean a very angry gray. Suffice to say the beach was not crowded and most folks were bundled up. Very few people in the water — other than those in wet suits. We weathered it for 90 minutes. That was enough for me. Now that I have lost ~21 pounds I feel the cold!

It was fun. We walked the beach. Collected a load of shells. Ate. Drank.

Ocean Park is neat. A bit like a time warp. Very genteel and proper. Very staid. Very quiet. The kids had ice cream. Decent prices. Two cute shops.

We are hoping to go again next week for Deanna’s birthday.

Rockland, Maine, Breakwater Lighthouse & The ‘Haven’ Islands, Vinalhaven & North Haven Beyond

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Deanna, whose father was a lobsterman, is from Cushing, Maine. Rockland, ME, with its rather nice (but unbecomingly snobbish) Farnsworth Art Museum (associated with the Wyeth’s), is the nearest town to. So over the last 10 years I have got to know Rockland quite well. We hadn’t been there in a few years until yesterday. Deanna had a family ‘thing’ so the girls and I had an hour on our hands. So I took them to the Breakwater Lighthouse. It would be the first time Teischan, six, had walked to it. It was a beautiful day. We weren’t dressed for it, but it wasn’t that cold. [Deanna ‘knew’ the elder Wyeth and her aunt is ‘Sirithat he painted.]

There was an intriguing mirage affect on the islands. See the first two pictures. Pretty cool. They looked like they were floating.

The breakwater is 4,300′ (7/8 mile) long. They started work on the breakwater in 1881 and finished it 8 years later.

They brought the huge slabs of granite (I think) from Vinalhaven by ferry. They used a total of 730,000 tons. In the 1880s it cost $750,000!

Google Map of Rockland breakwater (the appendage sticking out), looking east showing why you see islands in the ocean, something I still can’t get used to. Click to ENLARGE.

Click any of the images to ENLARGE them to FULL SIZE.

You can see the mirage effect here … as you can in the prior picture.

The Samoset Resort. We spent the last night of our honeymoon in January 2003 at the Samoset after driving up from Newport, RI.