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TDS Internet (Broadband Fiber) Outage In Alton, NH (Or At Least At Our House) Last ‘Night’/This Morning.


Anura Guruge

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To be fair this was the 1st outage I had experienced since the ‘post-Sandy’ 22-hour downtime on October 31, 2012. So that is 78 days without us experiencing an outage.

So that is GOOD. Thank YOU, TDS. Kudos. Much appreciated.

I had been waiting for one! I knew that they would be doing some maintenance and upgrades — as they must. So, every ‘night’, especially since the New Year, I have been waiting … Yes, I am paranoid when it comes to losing my Internet. Well, I have to have some foibles. So much so that I have changed my work habits.

Since I have so much to do, I have changed my hours. I now work till close to 1 a.m., BUT I stop working [read ‘writing’] on my books [yes, that is plural] by 11:55 pm. I like to backup the Word files online. Yes, I have a built-in backup disk on this PC, 2 USB-connected backups and a USB stick. But, I never feel at ease unless I have an online backup. Yes, another foible. No Internet, no backup. So, I get my backup done by midnight — because that is when TDS usually decides that it is ‘O.K.’ to do disruptive maintenance. Once my files are online, I work on the blogs or do research. That way, if and when I lose the Internet I don’t lose too much work.

That was exactly what happened yesterday. I had saved my Word file. Started doing a new post here. I was also doing some research on MEMP. BANG! Everything stopped. Looked down. Yep, the DREADED yellow triangle. It was 12:20 am. That was O.K. I hadn’t lost much. Plus, it was good to get to bed before 1:10 am, for a change.

So, no gripes. I just WISH TDS would consider sending us an e-mail alert. That really would help me out.