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Amazon Rather Than Leasing More Cargo Planes Should Buy UPS, Possibly FedEx.

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by Anura Guruge

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Though I have always, as for as long as I can recall, been a huge fan of Amazon, and as of 2011 used them for ALL of my book publishing, it is only this year, as a fully-paid up Amazon Prime member and an AMZN stockholder that I truly started to see that Amazon is invincible — at least over the next few years. These days I am just in total awe of Amazon. Like Google they really are at the top of their game.


Click to ENLARGE. Guess what line is UPS and what is AMZN.

Given the amount of online shopping that I do with Amazon, 88 orders in the last 6 months (i.e., 14 orders a month), I know their shipping habits pretty well and, moreover, I keep them honest. IF they miss the 2-day shipping on a Prime item I call them up. So far I have had 2 months of FREE Prime and $10 of gift credit. While they do quite well with UPS outside of the Christmas window, Christmas is always a challenge — as is the number of items now getting shipped directly from China, outside of Prime. I know that AMZN dearly wants to fix that. 

That they are thinking of doing some of their own shipping has been an open secret for months. Makes a lot of sense.

But to me what would make sense is for them to buy (or merge with) UPS or FedEx. I am sure UPS shareholders would LOVE IT. Their shares have been going nowhere while AMZN keeps on defying gravity. Also in terms of Market Cap AMZN is 4 times that of UPS and 8 times that of FedEx.

There will be synergies PLUS Amazon can get a piece of the eBay action! Sweet. Talking of which I am surprised that AMZN hasn’t started offering auctions. They could kill eBay (and I own eBay shares too).

So just a thought.

DISH Network & DirecTV Might Merge By Year End! So, A Heads Up. Don’t Switch Without Factoring That In.


Anura Guruge

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In terms of cricket channels, right at this moment, there is no difference between Dish and DirecTV. Both are only offering Willow. I haven’t checked in the last 4 hours, but I suspect that Dish will probably give you Willow for $14.95. I cancelled my entire ‘Cricket Pack’ out of chagrin — thought they claim that they will still give me a $5/month discount in addition to the nice 3 month ‘bennie’ I got when I complained that NEO was not available.

Just want to make sure that none of you switch from one to another just in the hope of getting more cricket. Will not do you any good.

Yes, I am thinking of switching to DirecTV. I have been with Dish for 3 years. All my DVR equipment is old and I pay, even without the cricket, close to $100/month — and I don’t pay for any premium movie channels.

Kind of funny. Over the last 72 hours I have ‘chatted’ on line with DirecTV. Today, I get, through the mail, a special, ‘please sign up‘ offer. Yes, I am going to check it out.

The goal of this post however is just to give you all a heads up that down the road whether you are with Dish or DirecTV might be all moot if they merge.