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An Alluring Mermaid Made Out Of Clay Flower Pots.

by Anura Guruge

I ambled a route I hadn’t travelled in many months. I was delighted to encounter THIS beauty. Of course I had to cross the road & start taking pictures. I lucked out even further. The ARTIST who created this happened to be working in her delightful yard & came over to chat. Made my day. I like meeting talented artistic folks (beyond the one I have at home).

She actually works for the USPS & does this as a hobby when she has time. This was her week off. Hence how I lucked out. Appears that she does a new decoration, for this her corner flower bed, each year. She said she had a bicycle last year. I remember that. I took pictures of it. Maybe I might find them.

But, back to this Mermaid. She is made from just clay flower pots of various sizes. She uses iron rods to hold them together.

I urged her that she should go into business making them & selling them on Etsy. Ironically, given that she works for USPS, she was concerned about shipping. {Smile}

Well, I wanted to share this amazing artifact with you. It is in Barnstead, by Locke Lake. Drive around the lake & you will see it. That is about as specific as I will get. Yes, it is within 2.4 miles of where I live. I checked my Garmin Venu 2 GPS.