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TDS Telecom Did The 1 Gig (i.e., Gigabit) Upgrade — Still Some Ways To Go; I Lost 20-Years Of Life Expectancy!

by Anura Guruge

I DO NOT get this all the time. This was the FIRST.

Click to ENLARGE. With http://www.verizon.com/speedtest

Click to access my post from last week.

My knee surgery in March was much, much less painful and stressful!

What a morning. Aahhhhh!

I knew it was NOT going to be easy and we are NOT done yet. I still need to get a Cat 6 cable installed outside. I knew that that was coming too.

Not funny.

And to cap it all, they were using my Drobo External RAID disk storage as an armrest! As always I was too polite to tell them to mend their ways. After they left I had to do a FULL data recovery/build on the Drobo. That took 3-hours!

The Atlantic Broadband router (and thus the network) is GONE — though I am still going to be paying for it till November 6, 2019. C’est la vie.

Because TDS had to install an extender, as I knew they would, we have 3 Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi is OK. Not great. OK.

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by Anura Guruge

2nd Attempt On Monday To Get 1 Gigabit Internet To My PC — This Time With TDS (Who Claim That It Is Guaranteed).

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Monday, October 28, 2019.

From August 2018 when ‘Atlantic Broadband’ failed miserably. 

Click to ENLARGE. ‘speedtest.net’ results from a few minutes ago. Yes, I know — server dependent. But, you would expect to see AT LEAST 150Mbps on a supposed 1,000Mbps service.

Click to access my original post from yesterday.

What can I say. I have been putting this off because I hate disruptions to my Internet services — and yes you read that correct. It is still, until November 6, 2019, services — as in plural, viz. TDS and bloody Atlantic Bloody Broadband. But, then it is going to be just TDS — and hopefully TDS with 1 Gigabit.

I had, for the last 4-years (or more), two Internet services for redundancy. If one went down I, hopefully, was not dead in the water. That has worked out.

But, I just cannot deal with bloody Atlantic Bloody Broadband any longer. They are garbage.

But, I am NOT abandoning redundancy. I am going to get unlimited data on 3 of our phones and I will ‘hotspot’ when needed.

I should have gone with TDS 1 Gigabit a year ago. I didn’t. My mistake. My fault.

It all has to do with wiring. I have a complicated, complex and convoluted network — as would befit someone who worked on high end corporate networks for 30-years.

To get TDS 1 Gigabit to THIS PC TDS will have to move their ‘access point’ 3-floors — from the 1st floor to the 4th. I was trying to avoid that. WHY? Because THIS PC has to be hardwired to the modem/router. No Wi-Fi on this PC. I need hardwired bandwidth.

Well, fingers crossed. Wish me luck. I will keep you posted.

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by Anura Guruge

“Atlantic Broadband” Gigabit ‘Gigaedge’ Is Mega-Garbage — 450Mbps IF I Am Lucky.

by Anura Guruge

What I see on ‘Fast.com’. I was getting 200Mbps, consistently, prior to the upgrade. I am NOT PLEASED.

I, like so many others, have been ripped off by Telco companies but this was the most egregious.

I paid $40/month to upgrade from my 200Mbps Broadband Internet to the 1Gbps (Gigaedge) service. I was also supposed to pay $50 to cover the new modem, installation etc. After 90 minutes of trying to convince me that it was MY ‘speedtest’ that was at fault the technician decided NOT to charge me the $50. He realized that I had been ripped off.

I am CRUSHED. I am bitterly disappointed. I went with ‘Atlantic Broadband‘ rather than TDS because I thought they would look after me. WRONG. I was duped.

Well, all is NOT lost. I am going to go back to the 200/250Mbps and TRY 1Gig with TDS.

As it happens I have TDS coming in on Friday. So ….

Oh, I am getting 50Mbps upload.

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by Anura Guruge

Successfully Installed A TP-Link AC750 On My Backup (TDS) Network.

by Anura Guruge

Click for Amazon listing.

Click for Amazon listing.

Click to ENLARGE. Our network 3.5-years ago. Much has changed. I just haven’t documented it. Click to ENLARGE.

3.5-years ago, i.e., January 2015, when I first got the (then v. high-speed) 75Mbps Metrocast Internet service I did some extensive research into up-and-coming Wi-Fi routers. I discovered TP-Link. By then I had been using Wi-Fi routers for nearly 15-years and knew what to look for.

TP-Link impressed me, and I have not been proven wrong. The I then got cost me $170. I do not regret getting it. It is now down to $100.

Last Friday, during a t-storm, the CHEAP AND NASTY ‘ActionTech‘ Wi-Fi router that TDS had given me gave up the ghost. I was not upset. Actually kind of relieved. It was a GARBAGE router. Only one Wi-Fi channel and that was slow. So, I opted to get my own rather than bother even telling TDS.

I decided to go with TP-Link, on the ‘known devil‘ principle. I didn’t want spend too much money since I plan to totally overhaul the whole house with new Wi-Fi technology ‘soon’. Plus, this is our backup network — with only 45Mbps bandwidth. Our main network, from Atlantic Broadband, delivers 200Mbps.

Hence, the inexpensive TP-Link AC750. Plus, it looked cute. It doesn’t look as cute ‘in person’ as it did in the pictures, but it is OK.

Easy enough to configure. But, here is the CRAZIEST thing. It is 3.5-years newer than my Archer C9 AC1900, but it doesn’t have a pictorial interface that shows you the status of the router schematically. That surprised me.

It was baptism by fire. Four hours after I got it working I had to unplug it again because we had another major storm. Getting it hooked back on was easy enough.

From the little I have seen of it, I like it. Fingers-crossed.

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by Anura Guruge

Drop In “Atlantic Broadband” Internet Speed Appears To Have Been My Dying Arris SB6141 Modem.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and be IMPRESSED. From: arris.com.

Installed under my desk.

My 3-year old ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem that appears to have kicked the bucket.

My ‘Atlantic Broadband‘ Internet speed had been steadily falling for the last couple of weeks. I even did a post about in on June 24, 2018. I knew I should have called them, but had been just too busy.

Well, this morning the matter was finally settled for me. I had NO Atlantic Broadband‘ Internet service, though my TDS service was still up.

Called Atlantic Broadband‘ (the new ‘Metrocast’). They were very good. They could not get my modem online. They suspected that it was dead. Told me I needed to try a new modem and that I could rent one from them.

They gave me one of these BIG Arris TG3452 Gateways. It has 4-LAN ports, Wi-Fi and voice ports. I don’t need any of that. But, I checked the specs. The Cable specs. are OUT OF THIS WORLD. DOCSIS 3.1 and 32 channel bonding. To get one with the same specs. would cost me $197. So, I am going to keep it. I gather I lucked out. They have only had these DOCSIS 3.1 modems for less than a week.

A technician came later on and changed my connectors. They were getting old and rusty.

I am again getting 200Mbps — though not ALL the time. Sometimes it still drops down to 160Mbps. But, prior to the new modem I had ceased to be able to get above 160Mbps.

I do have a TDS 45 Mbps service IN ADDITION to this ‘150 Mbps’ service — as a backup. I use it to drive my Roku 3 streaming.

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by Anura Guruge

“Atlantic Broadband” UNABLE To Maintain High Speed Internet, At 190Mbps, In Alton, In New Hampshire.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

The 190Mbps I started to get in April 2018 as ‘Atlantic Broadband‘ took over from MetroCast did NOT last.

This week I noticed a palpable drop. Sometimes to below the 150Mbps, the service, I was getting and paying for, with Metrocast.

The 190Mbps lasted 2 months.

Not good.

But, what can you do. They have you by the short and curlies.

But, I just wanted to give you a heads up.

TDS is NOT great either. So, if you are in Alton you are basically SCREWED when it comes to Internet.

I do have a TDS 45 Mbps service IN ADDITION to this ‘150 Mbps’ service — as a backup. I use it to drive my Roku 3 streaming.

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by Anura Guruge

MetroCast High Speed Internet Delivering 190Mbps On My 150Mbps Service, In New Hampshire.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

The above actual screenshots from (Netflix) Fast.com was on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, on what was my 150Mbps Metrocast Internet service.

I check my Metrocast Internet speed, every morning, with Fast.com, before I start doing any work on my PC. I just want to make sure everything is copacetic.

So, I do my test, hoping to see 140 to 150Mbps, I get 190Mbps! Try again. It even flirts with 200Mbps, then falls back to 190Mbps,

I am impressed. I am happy.

I am NO stranger to Metrocast bumping up the Internet speed with no warning and more importantly, NO INCREASE in price.

In 2015 it was 75Mbps, and I was thrilled to get that speed.

In January 2016, with no fanfare, they increased the speed to 105 – 110Mbps. I was over the moon.

In January 2017, again with no notice, they hiked the speed up to 150 – 160Mbps.

OK. I waited and waited in January 2018 for another hike. Nada. I was crushed. I wrote about it.

Then, in mid-April, this.

Not complaining. All good. I am happy.

I do have a TDS 45 Mbps service IN ADDITION to my ‘190 Mbps’ Metrocast — as a backup. I use it to drive my Roku 3 streaming.

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by Anura Guruge

For The 1st Time In 3 Years Metrocast Does NOT Bump Up Its High-Speed Internet Speed; Stays At 150Mbps.

by Anura Guruge

I started using Metrocast’s high-speed Internet service in January 2015 when they started offering 75Mbps downloads. I could NOT resist. I had been using TWO (2) TDS Fiber lines to the house, each at its maximum 15Mbps speed, to get a total of 30Mbps. So, by going to Metrocast I got 2.5 x MORE. [I ended up keeping one of the TDS 15Mbps to give me redundancy (i.e., backup).]

In January 2016, WITHOUT a price increase, or even notifying me, they bumped up the speed to 105/110Mbps. I ecstatic. Wow. From 30Mbps –> 110Mbps in 12 months.

Then in January 2017, I saw 160Mbps. Again WITHOUT a price hike. Just Metrocast increasing speeds to keep up with TDS competition.

Over the Summer the 160Mbps dropped to 150Mbps and it has stayed FIRM since then. I can’t complain. I wasn’t paying for 160Mbps.

So, given this track record I expected a further bump NOW — January 2018.

NOPE. Nada. Nothing.

Solid at 150Mbps.

I am a bit disappointed. But, I have been planning to upgrade to TDS’ 1 Gigabit service — albeit keeping Metrocast, at a lower speed, for redundancy.

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by Anura Guruge

Eversource, Metrocast & TDS Did ‘Good’ After The Storm — Do NOT Ask For Reimbursement.

by Anura Guruge

This is what they had to contend with.

This is how they fixed it.

Yes, they had crews and trucks from South Carolina!
Check number plates.
They had 12 at that junction alone.

We were without power & internet for 70-hours. Yes, 2-hours short of 3 whole days & nights.

So, we understand. We know. We lived through it.

But, in the overall scheme of things OUR Eversource, Metrocast & TDS folks did good.

This storm has cost them plenty — and yes, they put aside monies for emergencies like this.

But, it would be cheap and churlish to ask for a reimbursement for the service interruption.

Yes, in case you are wondering, they are giving reimbursements, in the $19 range, no questions asked.

But, come on. Play the white man!

In some instances Metrocast & TDS were down because power was down. IF we had power our TDS Internet would have worked.

Usually I am the first to criticize these companies. But, with this storm you have to be reasonable.


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by Anura Guruge

MetroCast Internet & Phone Will Be Down In New Hampshire, Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

by Anura Guruge

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by Anura Guruge