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Bernie Sanders, Presidential Hopeful, Will Be In Laconia, New Hampshire This Sunday, June 28, 2015.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
by Anura Guruge

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Bernie Sanders Town Hall Meeting in Laconia

Sunday, June 28th

4:00 pm

Lake Opechee Inn, 62 Doris Ray Court, Laconia

Please join Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders
and local leaders for a town meeting in Laconia to discuss how we:
Get big money out of politics Deal with obscene wealth and
income inequality Combat climate change Make college education affordable.

These meetings in Laconia, NH, are a great way to meet some real neat Democrats.
We met Dr. Jill Biden and Michael Dukakis in Laconia at such meetings.


Lake Opechee Inn

Laconia Antique Center.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the Website of the Laconia Antique Center.

As was the case last Sunday, when he had the delightful experience of meeting Michael Dukakis, I had to go to the Obama campaign office in Laconia yesterday. As is our wont, we all went.

On the way back, though I usually try to ignore it, we ended up going inside the ‘Laconia Antique Center‘, now in its expanded space in what was the old ‘Bloom’ building. I was somewhat familiar with them having visited them, at least once, when they were across the road.

I have to be careful going into places like that. Whereas Deanna can happily browse for hours without feeling the need to buy anything I am an impulsive and compulsive shopper with myriad interests.

I still can’t make up my mind about their prices. They are NOT outlandish. I guess they are par for retail, though I am not sure whether the par as yet been correctly calibrated for Laconia. I was not going to buy anything. With the piano, Sandwich Fair, $52 Apple Picking, Devanee’s birthday, Devanee’s Nexus 7 it had already been an expensive month and we had more events scheduled for the remainder of the month. Lincoln (link) Fornier, the owner, very nice guy, came and directed us to an aisle where everything was 20% off. That was a good start, but I was still determined to keep my powder dry.

I saw a brass compass cum sun dial plus (mini) sextant. Of late I have a thing about small, portable sun dials. I was tempted, but refrained.

Then I saw this watch, with the Lionel Train logo, with a MOVING train that acted as the second hand. I was done for. Yes, I know I have extremely strong will power, the only thing that I can’t resist being temptation. This was too much. The watch even made train noises when you pressed a second knob at the top!

Next to cricket, anything that moves is my next abiding passion. Trains are literally in my blood. My maternal grandfather was a station master. So my mother grew up alongside main railway tracks, station masters, per the British tradition, getting official houses close to their station. So my mother grew up to the sound of trains. My grandfather died, the year I was born. He was then the station master of Ceylon’s 2nd largest railway station, Kandy — the hill capital. He died off an heart-attack, early in the morning, while shaving, outside, on the veranda, watching the trains come and go. His eldest son, my uncle, started off as a train driver and eventually rose to the ranks of being an inspector railways. When I was young he would arrange for me to get rides on engines. Once when I was about 12 I spent and entire Saturday morning shoveling coal on a train that was commuting to-and-from Kandy. So … What can I say. I have all sorts of model train stuff, and even a partially working z-gauge train set. I won’t mention the number of books I have. If I look to my right as I write there are 3 shelves with model train engines.

So I got the watch and the compass thingy. I told you I was impulsive and compulsive.

I wasn’t going to look up the watch on the Web. I was petrified that I had made a mistake. Eventually around midnight I broke down and had a look. I had paid $32 for it, in the original box. That is an average price — without shipping. So, I wasn’t ripped off. That is good. If not for the 20% off, I would not have been as sanguine.

I think that that sums up the Antique Center. About par prices, especially if discounted. They did have some stuff 50% off. Deanna found a provocative nut cracker. A female nude and you cracked nuts by lifting her legs apart. She thought that I should get it. I resisted.

Yes, I will be going back again, possibly close to Christmas. Nice place. Has the CUTEST period theme ol’ style soda bar where you can order a real soda!

So, if you are in Laconia give it a try. From what Link was saying they always have sales and each item has a potential discount price marked on it — top right corner.

We Met Michael Dukakis In Laconia, NH, Today.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Michael Dukakis

Michael Dukakis will be 79 in a few weeks; dob: Nov. 3, 1933. He still looks good. Hair is a bit thinner than when he ran for president. Very alert. Very articulate. Very avuncular. Very impressive. Makes you proud to be associated with the Democrats. Picture from “L.A. Time” (with thanks).

This was indeed serendipitous. I had no idea that Mike Dukakis, the Presidential Contender in 1998, and the longest serving Governor in Massachusetts history, was going to be in Laconia, NH, today. I was under the impression he had moved to Hawaii. [I asked him about that. I said: ‘I thought you had moved to Hawaii‘. He gave me the scoop. ‘I was just there for one semester. I came back after that.‘ So, I wasn’t totally off base. I had at least remembered that he had gone to Hawaii.]

After my two short stints making phone calls Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, the Obama office in Laconia had called up Friday wanting to know when I planned to show up over the weekend to go door-to-door. They never mentioned anything about Dukakis being there Sunday. It could have been a security thing. With our intent to go to the Sandwich Fair I wasn’t sure when I would make it to Laconia but promised I would put some hours in before Tuesday. This morning, with the weather looking good, I decided I will go and do my shift this afternoon, after I had gone for my run. So, as I was getting ready to go running, around noon, I called up the office to say I will be thee at 2pm. My contact there, Derek, said I should come at 1 instead, as Dukakis would be there to rally the troops. So a quick change of plan. Scrapped the run. Jumped in the shower instead. We managed to leave the house around 12:40. I grabbed two boxes of Lindt chocolate for the troops and Mr. Dukakis.

We got to the Obama office in Laconia by 1:15. It is a small office; 1/4 the size of the nice office we had in 2008. There wasn’t many people there to listen to the former governor. Maybe, at most, 25. But, that was OK. He was shorther than I expected. Deanna reckons that he must have been 5′ 6″. His fair was thinner. But, he looked good. Looked very good. He spoke quietly, without much animation, but it was heartfelt, easy to follow and clearly enunciated. It was a good speech. He spoke about the need for, and a person’s right to, good, affordable healthcare. He, like me, pointed out how so many people just don’t understand the healthcare issue. He, at 78, was on Medicare and got the older folks present to admit that it was a wonderful system. He pointed how Paul Ryan’s austerity program for the U.S. was aimed at making the U.S. be like Greece today. Hear. Hear. He highlighted how government austerity was not the right path for this country. He, obviously, knows Romney. He stressed how unpopular Romney is in Massachusetts; Romney expected to lose his home state to Obama by 30%. He stressed how well Massachusetts is now doing under Deval Patrick compared to when Romney was governor. He talked about how  ‘Private Equity’ company à la Romney’s BAIN Capital had a fiduciary responsibility to make money for their shareholders as opposed to ensuring job growth or job security. It was a good, rousing speech to warm the cockles of any Democrat.

He cracked a few jokes, mainly about Bill Clinton’s meandering nomination speech at his 1988 DNC convention, contrasting it with Bill’s amazing performance this year. He wanted to know why Bill didn’t make such a speech in 1988. He also then had this. According to Mike, Bill Clinton was asked by a morning TV show, in 1992, as to why he was running for President, to have Bill respond: ‘So I can finish the Michael Dukakis nomination speech‘. That cracked me up. He took questions. I asked him about Jack Welch’s stupid, unbecoming Tweet on Friday accusing the administration of cooking the 7.8% unemployment number. Mr. Dukakis agreed that it was totally uncalled for and defied logical explanation.

We all got to meet with him and shake hands. He was very pleasant. Made a point of getting the names of the kids right. Teischan offered him a chocolate and he took one after asking her to recommend which one he picked. It was impressive. I am glad we made the effort to go see him. Made my day. Good for the kids. The most important person that they have met so far (though there grandfather might argue otherwise).

Inspired by Mr. Dukakis ‘we’ went and covered about 40 houses in Gilford; shades of 2008 for me, because I also did Gilford that time.