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Notre Dame Fire: I Sure Hope It Was But A Tragic Accident — BUT, Where The Heck Was God?

by Anura Guruge

First and foremost, I sure hope that it is nothing more than a tragic accident.

I hate to even think that ….

Yes, yes, yes. I know all about ‘Free Will‘ and how God does not micromanage what happens on Earth. I am an expert on that.

But, where the heck was God?

This is why I am an unbeliever and always have been. Also, why I refuse to pray — to anybody.

If, God or the Virgin Mary will not intercede to save Notre Dame it is unlikely that they will jump to my aid when I bust a knee.

One other thing.

The Paris fire department had NO CONTINGENCY plans for this?

Jesus. That seems irresponsible and incompetent — when for the lovely French.

As some of you know I love cathedrals — albeit, I am shamelessly biased towards the beautiful British Cathedrals.

That said, I am quite partial to Notre Dame. I have visited it MANY times. Remember I lived in Paris for 1-year, and my parents lived there for over 15-years.

This is a shame.

NO we can’t rebuild it to its original glory. We no longer have the skills.

Redoing in glass, which I know the French will look at, is NOT going to cut it.

A sad day for us. Kind of like a 9/11 — though without, luckily, the loss of life.

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by Anura Guruge

Q.E.D., As To Why I Do Not Believe In Prayer — Irrespective Of Religion & Culture.

by Anura Guruge


From the “Chicago Tribune”. Happened December 10, 2016. Google for much more.

Q.E.D. = “quod erat demonstrandum”, in Latin, of course, which denotes “that which was to be demonstrated”.

I fully understand and appreciate those who justify all of these hard-to-fathom calamities by insisting: God does not interfere, God does not micromanage or ‘Free Will‘.

I am happy to buy that.

But, what I do not understand is why these same people PRAY and advocate prayer.

IF God does not interfere, micromanage or go against the “Free Will” granted to humans, why pray? That is asking God to interfere?

Do NOT get it?

Which is why I do NOT pray, haven’t for over 45 years, and do NOT believe in prayer.

IF anybody should believe in prayer it should be I. As I have talked about many times before my adopted mother was a much revered ‘queen of prayer’. She prayed all the time! And the beauty of her prayers were that they were cross-religion. She prayer to multiple deities across religions and she picked the BEST one for her given situation. It was a science with her. Up until my early teens, I like so many others, were in awe of her powers of prayer. Then I started to get skeptical. And eventually I saw the light.

As is my wont, I don’t have anything against those that pray. Each to their own. I just don’t get it.



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by Anura Guruge