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My 5pm – 7pm Shift In August 2017 — Installing ‘Weatherables’ Deck Railing.

by Anura Guruge

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I know many are skeptical when I say that I have been rather busy the last few weeks. Well I have.

In addition to writing another book on meditation (70% done), working on an eCommerce website, taking my daily pictures and going on trips … I have been installing ‘Weatherables‘ vinyl railing, from Home Depot, on our deck. Never done it before. It has been an adventure. The wooden railings that were there, when we bought this house, new, 10-years ago, rotted away last Summer. We had no option but to replace them.

Decided to go with vinyl ‘Weatherables’ from Home Depot — and I will do another post on all the tips & tricks as to ordering such railings from Home Depot. Home Depot is GOOD.

Pulling out the wooden posts was a task in itself, and then installing the metal posts you can get with ‘Weatherables’ given that I had supporting, deck legs to contend with. Got that done.

Then cutting the railings. The only powered saw I had was a 20-year old circular saw. I do most of my cutting by hand. But I didn’t want to risk using a circular saw on $1,000 of railing. So did some QUICK Googling and realized I needed a mitre saw. Got this 10″, 15-amp Hitachi from Amazon, with a folding table, and two ‘non-ferrous‘ blades. (Got a helmet too since the aluminum flakes fly about). Never used a mitre saw in my life. Took me a 1.5 shifts to get it all set up. Then it was a piece of cake. Wow. That saw goes through the vinyl — with aluminum insert inside — like a hot knife through butter. Takes less than a second for each cut.

Three railings, ~24′, installed. Two more to go — ~16’.

Deanna took this picture.

I will post pictures of the railings when finished.

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by Anura Guruge