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Cleverest Vanity Plate Ever — & It Is A ‘New Hampshire’ Plate.

by Anura Guruge

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It was on a SUV parked at our beach this morning.

I had to take a double take. I first thought it said ‘Venal’ & thought that that was quite ‘ballsy’. Then, I got it right.

WOW. Was I impressed. In ‘New Hampshire’? I am sure that a majority of folks in New Hampshire have NO IDEA what the word means. Many may even claim that they have never heard it (which, however, is unlikely to be true).


It was on a white, U.S. GMC mid-size SUV.

Image from GMC Website.

Yes, it was INDEED an ‘Equinox‘.

Get it: Vernal Equinox, i.e., Spring (March) Equinox, ‘vernal‘ the Latin for ‘Spring related‘.

How clever. I was so impressed. I have NOT seen that plate before, BUT the Equinox was on our beach. I had a dog with me & it was past 10am. So, I didn’t dare venture to the beach. Dogs are not allowed after 10am (I think (or maybe it is even earlier)). It could have been somebody visiting a neighbor. I would LOVE to meet the owner. I think it is a Mum. There were only two vehicles parked & I could hear lots of kids on the beach.

My hat off to whoever came up with this. Bravo. Thank YOU. Made my day.

Here is the supreme IRONY. In September 2020, in EXACTLY the same spot as this Equinox was parked I saw this. Now that lacked class.

The Flauntable Benefits Of Being A Mistress In New Hampshire.

by Anura Guruge

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I don’t know much about trucks — not having owned one since 1987. But, this looked pretty fancy, expensive & brand, spanking new. I only noticed the number plate much later.


I had not realized that it was now OK to flaunt the fact.

I do NOT know whose it is, though it was at our beach. There was nobody there. Just I & the dogs. Maybe they were in the bushes, though I heard no noises & the dogs didn’t go sniffing.

I guess it is all relative. She obviously is very proud of it. Good for her.

That she could get that plate surprises & amuses I. Then again, as I chronicled here, I saw “BGFKNFM“, in Maine!

We also have “BJTOY” on a plate here — though you would run a mile if YOU saw who drives it.

Well, I guess each to their own. I wonder what HE thinks.

P.S., I do know of ALL the definitions of a ‘Mistress’ — but I doubt any school teachers still go around describing themselves as ‘mistresses’. SMILE.

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