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Ajit ‘Bloody’ Pai, Who Killed Net Neutrality, Was Appointed To The FCC By Barack Obama, In 2012!

by Anura Guruge

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Wow. WOw. WOW!

I had no idea. I would never have guessed. I just assumed that he, like Nikki ‘Necklace’ Haley, was an Trump appointee.

Obama. How could you have?

You got many things right, BUT Bloody Pai and healthcare.gov will haunt you forever and a day.

Healthcare.gov, that still sucks, was pretty inexcusable.

But, Bloody Pai is worse.

On, Mitch McConnell’s recommendation! Barack WTF were you inhaling that day? This has to be the epitome of stupid. McConnell’s recommendation! The man who vowed to stop you from having a second term. You must have got some good stuff delivered to the WH.

Indians. {Smile}

As folks that know me will attest, I get offended when folks ‘accuse’ me of being Indian. We will leave it at that.

Ah, Barack. How could you. And YOUR Net Neutrality.

I am holding this against you.

I am crushed.

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by Anura Guruge

“Capitol Steps”, Satire To Music, In Wolfeboro, NH, Friday, August 28, 2015: Hilarious & Exceptionally Clever.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Attribution will be enforced with gusto. 

They, the five extremely gifted and versatile members from ‘Capitol Steps‘, were rip-roaringly, sidesplittingly funny. Extremely clever too. It was sophisticated, highbrow witticism — and a well-heeled, mature Lakes Region audience (and there were folks from as far away as Laconia) loved it. There was no resort to crudity or gutter-humor. It was all top-notch, equal-opportunity, no-sacred-cows lampooning. That it was done, by and large, with new words to well known musical classics — such as ‘The Boxer’, ‘Let It Be’, ‘Hotel California’ — made it even more special and easy on the ear. The jokes were true gems and I wish I had had the foresight to have taken notes.

“Obama” saying that one of his concerns about taking out Basher al-Assad in Syria was his fear that his brother Jeb al-Assad will step into the breach. Cracked me up. Bill Clinton shrugging his shoulders as to whether he was implicated by the ‘Ashley Madison‘ security breach had to be seen to be fully appreciated and I could relate to Bill saying that he didn’t have Hillary’s e-mail because he never asked her for hers incase she asked him for his. George W. Shrub talking to Obama about gay marriage and saying that he thinks it will please the BLT community was so close to the mark that it was scary. You could see the Shrub doing that.

Pope Francis singing “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” was SUBLIME though I am sure 90% of the audience did not know of the Pope’s “dark days” in Argentina which is what really made this poignant. I actually talked about Francis’ “dark days” in Argentina in my latest book — about Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. in September 2015 — since he will come across a reminder of these days when he is in D.C.

The sequence shown here of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio protecting the border against NATIVE Americans was both funny, thought provoking and unsettling.


Though it was predominantly political humor they parodied others too. Tim Cook of Apple bemoaned that the Apple watch did everything BUT tell the time. Loved that, though I am, of course, an Apple shareholder. They also lampooned Bob Dylan and Deanna, who has never liked him (probably because she was too young to have savored him in his prime), loved it. It always upsets me when people make fun of Dylan — who I was lucky enough to see, about 10 years ago, from the 2nd row, at Gilford. I am a huge Dylan fan.

The scene of Mitch McConnell and a laid back, slovenly attired Harry Reid getting married to boost the popularity of Congress was worthy of Seinfeld.

All in all it was a BLAST. The audience just lapped it up. Our largest audience of the year! The huge, 800-seat Kingswood Performance Center auditorium was nearly full. I, for the first time ever, had to sit on the ‘floor’! But it was worth it.




They finished off the show, which was well over two hours long, with their inspired take — to Billy Joel’s iconic “We Didn’t Start The Fire” — but with THEIR take on the 33 years of THEIR existence (as opposed to Billy Joel’s take on the key hundred events of 1949 to 1989). It was GOOD. It was GREAT. It was VERY CLEVER. OK, I will be honest. It wasn’t as good as the version by the Sky Sports cricket commentators, but it was close — and the Sky version had multiple singers and was masterfully edited and produced.

The “Capitol Steps” version, as was to be expected made much of Monica Lewinsky’s Blue Dress. I loved that part, so much so that after the show I had to go and take this picture of the dress. But, MY Monica joke, in my opinion, still stands tall.