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Rod Stewart’s Magnificent, 124′ HO-Scale Model Railway (Depicting An U.S. Cityscape).

by Anura Guruge

From the U.K. “Daily Mail”

Click to ENLARGE.
Use the link at top to access the U.K. “Daily Mail” original.

WOW. Now that is a layout!

I could not — I would not — even aspire to anything of that detail, thoroughness and competence. Never knew that he was an avid and gifted model railroader, though it appears it was fairly well known in the right circles.

“Maggie May” was a hit in 1971 when I was at University (in Swansea). I became a big fan. I eventually got to see him, perform live, in the lates 1980s, in Worcester, Massachusetts.

I will confess that I am a bit perturbed and disappointed that he opted for an U.S. motif. But, to be fair, that gave him the most scope for doing the buildings and surroundings. Nothing in the U.K. could have, realistically, been that busy and included both passenger and freight.

I am impressed and humbled. Way to go, Rod. Bravo.

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by Anura Guruge

Explore World’s Largest Model Railway With Google Maps.

by Anura Guruge


Today’s search page has a Google Footnote that will take you there. Just invoke Google search. OK?


The footnote link will take you to this ‘title’ page. You could get there by clicking this image too. So when the Footnote is no longer there, JUST click this image to get STARTED. OK?


You are next taken to this MAP of the model railway … with the usual Google Map PINS … 9 of them. Those are the areas you can EXPLORE. Click on a PIN.


Here is one of the scenes. Note the usual Google Maps ‘street view’ arrows. Use them. This is fun. Wish they mapped the ENTIRE set and not just 9 subsections. SMILE.

Google Doodles:
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by Anura Guruge