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Meditation For The Day — The Buddha & Moderation.

by Anura Guruge


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by Anura Guruge

Myanmar (Burma), Hardline Buddhist Monk Dictated Population Control Law Is A Disgrace To All Buddhists Worldwide.

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by Anura Guruge

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The extremist Buddhists, ably spurred on by unscrupulous hard-line Buddhist monks, have become totally out-of-control in Burma and Sri Lanka.

What is happening in Myanmar (Burma) is inexcusable. This new population control law, to hopefully curb the growth of the non-Buddhist minorities, is BEYOND a joke. But, alas it is very real.

Sri Lankan Buddhists, always ready to ape anything and everything bad from Burma, will no doubt try to pass a similar law.

How come there is NO Global OUTRAGE?

Talk about trampling all over BASIC human rights? We are talking about the right to reproduce.

This is wrong.

All Buddhists, around the World, should speak out against this.

Burma should face trade sanctions and boycotts — and so should Sri Lanka IF they too insist on trying to ape Burma.

I am NO longer a Buddhist BUT as a child I was inculcated with more Buddhism than most. Google (or check Amazon) with “Guruge Buddhism“. So I do know my Buddhism much, much better and more insightfully than most. So trust me on this. This is NOT what Buddhism is about. Buddhism, not a religion per se, is about compassion, MODERATION and tolerance. Just ask YOURSELF, if you are a Buddhist, “what would Buddha say?”

Fasting For Two Consecutive Days Is Just Plain Wrong. It Is Immoral. Everything In Moderation. Fast Every Other Day. 3 Days A Week.


Anura Guruge

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2dayswrongI am THE DOYEN of ‘Fast Dieting’.

As such I have been much bothered ever since I heard about this inane fast for 2 consecutive days diet on CNN yesterday morning. I have talked to a few people about it since.

Fasting is good. Fasting works. I am all in favor of fasting. I just KNOW that fasting for 2 consecutive days is not the right way to do it.

The one thing from the Buddhism that I grew up with that I still adhere to is the ‘everything in moderation‘ advice (though I am willing to make an exception to that when it comes to sex). But, when it comes to dieting, and especially Fast Dieting you have to do it in moderation.

Fasting, indubitably, stresses your body. Yes, you learn to cope with it and that is why I insist that you have to torque up your ‘good’ hormone production, with exercise and orgasms, to counter this stress.

Fasting and ‘binging’ though the natural and obvious thing to do is also not right. Moderation. Yes, I did say ‘splurge’ on weekends. But, notice that that splurging was accompanied by 5-7 miles of jogging/running.

Please, by all means adopt a Fasting Diet — but please don’t fast for 2 consecutive days and please remember you have no choice but to ramp up those hormones.

All the best. Enjoy. Happy Easter.