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Deciding On A Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), In 2019, Can Be Fiendishly Hard.

by Anura Guruge

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Trying to decide on a decent Stand Up Paddle Boards to replace the two, old & very heavy rigid boards I sold last weekend has been fiendishly difficult. Much harder than choosing a camera and I agonize about which new camera to buy for months.

IF modular paddle boards were available it would be a cinch. I would get one without a minute’s hesitation. But, I just can’t source one.

I want a 11′ board. I am a reasonably proficient boarder. I don’t have tons of hours on a board, but, I am not a beginner either. I want a board that I can use both on lakes and in the ocean.

Transporting the board is the issue. It just won’t fit inside the vehicles we have. And I don’t fancy having a 11′ board strapped to the roof of our SUV on long trips.

So, it appears I must get an inflatable and ‘experts’ swear that good, new inflatables are nearly as rigid, when inflated to 15psi, as a epoxy board.

Now, I am torn between the Atoll and the iRocker. They both have their fans.

And, it gets worse. What color? Green or sand?

I will keep you posted. Wish me luck.

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by Anura Guruge

Why Is It That I Can’t Buy A Modular Or Foldable Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)?

by Anura Guruge

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The two Coleman Banshee paddle boards that I sold today via Craigslist. Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE. From 2013 methinks.

We have had two Coleman Banshee Stand Up Paddle Boards since c. 2010. I used to use them quite often. But, over the last 2 years I have been using them less and less. They are heavy and lugging them to the beach was never fun.

The last few days I have been musing about getting an inflatable paddle board. So, today, on a whim, I listed the two boards we have on Facebook and Craigslist — at $200/each, $375 for both. They sold, as a pair, pretty quickly. We also sold, today, quite quickly too, a paddle boat that we rarely, if ever, use.

So, now I started researching INFLATABLE stand up paddle boats. That it takes ~10 minutes to inflate, even with an electric pump, doesn’t sit well with I. Plus, with MY LUCK, the danger of punctures.

So, I got thinking foldable or modular boards. I even had a design in my head — three sections, with rods connecting them. So, I Googled. Bingo, they are supposed to be there — BUT THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE!

I assume they all ran into problems, which would tell its own story. Very frustrating. A modular would be just what I want.

If you know where I can get one, PLEASE let me know.

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by Anura Guruge

It Was Indeed The 700 Watt OCZ ModXStream Pro PowerSupply That Blew Up!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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The deceased 700 Watt OCZ ModXStream Pro.

The deceased 700 Watt OCZ ModXStream Pro. Though it is a modular it appears that the original person that built my PC didn’t remove the unused cables. No great harm. There was room in the case.

12 days after it blew up [10 full days in reality] I finally had my main workhorse PC finally repaired – having to wait for a new power supply (which did come very quickly) and making time to get to Concord Radio Shack to get some momentary ON switches just in case it was the switch. I made it to Concord Friday. So Dave Nix came this morning. It turned out to be the power supply. I have never had a power supply go bad on me. Plus, this was no ‘cheapo’ unit. It was a $90 power supply in November 2009, albeit with a $10 rebate (though I am not sure whether I ever got that)

The original order in November 2009 for the 700 W power supply that blew up.

The original order in November 2009 for the 700 W power supply that blew up.

Per Dave’s advice I got an even BIGGER power supply — PC folks, without exception, always swearing, when it comes to power supplies that bigger is always better. So now I got a 750 Watt. I did a fair amount of checking. Found that a good ‘single rail’ is better than a mediocre ‘dual rail’ — and the older one was dual rail. Fols tell me that this PC really soaks up power given the i7, the fairly decent video card and the 7 fans.

I have to say that the new Rosewill HIVE-750 looks like a work of art. Though most hardware does nothing for me, just looking and feeling this unit makes you realize that it is a cut above the rest. Furthermore, all the cables came inside a nifty, reusable zippered case! I was impressed. So I notice that price wise both supplies,  50 Watts and 3.5 years apart, were the same price — and Newegg gave me FREE shipping on this unit. Thank YOU, Newegg, especially since the unit was here within 2 business days! Newegg certainly has my attention again. Having an extended warranty would not have helped. The old unit, to be fair, lasted 3.5 years and this PC is on at least 355 days a year, typically for 16 hours a day, so that is 355 x 16 x 7. Yes, the quoted MTBF, as ever, is far greater, but I guess I cannot complain. That said I still feel a bit ‘uneasy’. Given the two fans that died plus the power supply I now realize that I have spent just over $500 on repairs for this PC in 2013 — not counting the 25″ monitor that died. My eldest daughter points out correctly that I could have bought a new PC for that — albeit nowhere close to the specs on this one. But, I am going to start cutting my losses on this PC.