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Watch Alton Central (ACS) School Board Chair Read Glowing Synopsis Of Once Suspended Facilitator With NO Mention Of Suspension.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

The prior ‘hire the $3,000 Facilitator’ post
with ‘Breaking News’ retraction
from Board Member Steve Miller.


This is classic. Watch this. Listen to the Chair, Sandy Wyatt, read this glowing resume. She reads about her tenure at Raymond. What is missing? Just the dates. Nothing more, nothing less. 

This resume was provided to her by the Superintendent, Mr. Bill Lander, who admits, and it is on this very tape, that he knows this person. Talk about keeping the public in the dark.

Watch and be amazed. This is your elected officials at work.

That said, I feel bad for Sandy Wyatt. I don’t know her and I am not sure, and I could be wrong, but I think she is not Machiavellian. In this instance she was set up by Mr. Lander. For that I feel bad. But, she, as the Chair, must have some powers to question and censure.

Facilitator Hired By Alton Central (ACS) SCHOOL BOARD, For $3,000, To Spearhead Crucial ‘Strategic Plan’ Suspended In Raymond Last September.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Breaking News

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This is indeed interesting news. I was under the impression that
Superintendent, Mr. Bill Lander,
had briefed the Board, in non-public session, as to this matter.

Why would he have not done so?

Did he not think it was germane?

Key Points:

§ Superintendent, Mr. Bill Lander, who proposed Jean Richards, with unstinted praise, never mentioned this suspension in public session.

§ Board Members present at the August 8 meeting where this was approved: Sandy Wyatt, Terri Noyes, Steve Miller & Carlos Martinez.

§ Suspension from Raymond took place in September 2012 — less than a year ago.

§ It is not clear from the 2nd (Raymond) report, but there still appears to be residual cases in court.

§ She is now Superintendent of a school district, Monroe, with 72 students? Link.

§ Why weren’t any other Superintendents considered, or was this (another) insider-job given that Mr. Lander has indicated that he ‘knows’ her?

§ Given that bullying in various forms is a major issue at ACS it seems ironic that the Board would decide to hire a facilitator who was at ‘troubled’ Raymond.

§ To me this is another example of this board being insensitive to the parents & kids at ACS and thumbing their nose, yet again, at the bullying issues!

§ I hear, and I do not as yet, have the details, that Alton’s Prospect Mountain High School is facing a bullying lawsuit. So, the Board hires this facilitator for their strategic plan? What are they drinking?

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School Board Chair reading glowing account of proposed facilitator
with no mention of the suspension (and resignation).