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Braxton: What The Name Means; It Is Really A Last Name As Opposed To A First, But I Am Sure The Puppy Won’t Know The Difference.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


..Anura Guruge

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Names have always intrigued me, more so now that ever before after I wrote my groundbreaking book on pope names: “Popes and the Tales of Their Names“.

I was not familiar with ‘Braxton‘. So I had to check.  Got pretty good at tracking down names when I was researching the pope names, I had no choice. So didn’t take me long.

Interesting. No famous ‘Braxtons’ so the puppy could make a name for himself.

When I was at University in the early 1970s it was all the rage to come up with pretentious names for dogs. So that is why I have had: Rousseau (after the Swiss philosopher, after coming back from a holiday in Geneva where my hotel was opposite Rousseau’s island), Winston (Churchill), Maggie (Thatcher), Ulysses (Grant) & Monty (Montgomery as in the brilliant British WW II general). In between I also had: Bonzo, Peanut and Shamrock (the shelter given name for this huge, magnificent Golden who also answered to ‘Badger’ a name from a prior shelter).

Now it is Maya (after the ‘people’, and Deanna picked that) and Braxton — also picked by Deanna. I was given ‘heck’ by a Buddhist about ‘Maya’! I was asked whether I had forgotten who ‘Maya’ was. I obviously had. I could not remember. The Buddha’s mother was ‘Maya’. Yes, it came back when I was reminded. I did NOT see the big deal. To me naming a dog after a person is NEVER an insult, always a compliment. I assume that people name dogs ‘Mary’. Not that I really cared whether I offended Buddhists or not. If they want to get upset that I have a dog called ‘Maya’ they really have major issues.

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Royal Baby, George Alexander Louis. I Had A Hunch About ‘Louis’. I Am Delighted. Another Of My Heroes.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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From my all time favorite newspaper, the one and only, the great, U.K. Daily Mail. Click to access Daily Mail original.

Click to access U.K. Daily Mail pictures and story.

I had an inkling that ‘Louis’ was going to be in there in some way.

I like the whole name, but am very gratified by the ‘Louis’ part. Yes, most Americans don’t know him though he was, of course, Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia Command (1943-1946).

One of my heroes, alongside the likes of Churchill, Mandela, Tutu, Montgomery et. al.

Admiral of the Fleet Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten,
1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma,

I never met him though we both lived in the same state, Hampshire, prior to his tragic assassination by the cowardly, dastardly IRA.

There is a Ceylon connection. He moved the South East Asia Command headquarters to Ceylon (Kandy) in August 1944. 

He used to stay at this hotel, Mount Lavinia, just south of Colombo, on the coast.

He used to stay at this hotel, Mount Lavinia, just south of Colombo, on the coast.

Obviously, if you know your history, he was the Viceroy and Governor General of India during the period of Independence. He is the one who created Pakistan. Yes, it is also true (and I have never been able to reconcile this) that it was during this time that my other hero (and dinner guest at our house), Jawaharlal Nehru, was having a very open affair with his wife.

The Mountbattens with Gandhi, 1947.

The absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, Mountbatten Estate, in Romsey, Hampshire — just 4 miles from Hursley (where I worked for IBM). One of my favorite destinations.